Phenom’s Open Gym Tour
Team Loaded 704 2022
BY Rick Lewis

Phenom Hoop Report travelled down to Charlotte Country Day to cover practice and team workouts by Coach Ed Addie and Coach Langston Wertz. We have known Coach Ed Addie since 2001 and he has made a huge impact in the youth travel ball basketball. Coach Addie has put together an impressive resume over the years and has put together one of the best youth tournaments in the QCAA.

Coach Langston Wertz is a sports columnist at the Charlotte Observer and has dedicated his life to covering sports in the Charlotte Metropolitan area. When it comes to covering youth sports, no one does it better than Langston Wertz. He has a tremendous passion and it is illustrated in the depth and coverage given to all the players of all sports in the Charlotte area.

Watching Team Loaded 704 (2022) was fun and entertaining. It’s always great to see coaches working on fundamentals and teaching young players all aspects of the game. Over 17 young players were involved with the workouts and at the end of the practice, we got a chance to watch them scrimmage. With that being said, we had an opportunity to watch some of the area’s top talent compete and showcase their skill set.

Talented beyond his years

5’8 ’22 Jacob Newman (Alexander Graham MS) Go ahead and mark this young man in your SIM CARD. He is a strong athletic point guard that is advanced for his age/grade. Newman’s strength is his calling card and has a unique combination of speed, basketball IQ, poise and understanding of the game that will allow him to be one of the premier players in the state for his class. We were impressed with his court vision and passing ability and simply make the right play, but more importantly makes his teammates better.

Leader of the Court

6’2 ’22 Luke Bracey (Clemmons MS) One of the most vocal players I have watched at any level. Bracey is a coach’s “dream come true” on the basketball court. He is constantly talking on defense and plays with passion and purpose. Bracey doesn’t mind diving on the floor for a loose ball or making any hard nose play that can enable his team to gain possession. The southpaw simply has a knack for making one hustle play after another.

Following in big brother’s footsteps

5’4 ’22 Khamani Wertz (Alexander Graham MS) We’ve watched the growth and development of Trey Wertz since he was seven years old attending our Drills and Skills camp. Trey had a unique work ethic and younger brother, Khamani, is next in line. The southpaw is a lethal shooter from the perimeter and has outstanding range. Khamani is a fundamentally sound player and has a high basketball IQ. He knows how to play and plays with a fearless attitude.

Most eager/willing to learn

6’4 ’22 Michael Betts (Community School) Betts just turned 13 years old. He has tremendous length and athleticism. While he is somewhat raw in his skill set, Betts was definitely the most eager player to learn, not to mention the manners he displayed along with maturity beyond his years. Often, we all have a tendency to notice and write about the best players in attendance. That being said, Betts made the biggest impression with his maturity, mannerisms, and willingness to learn and ask questions. Everything was “yes/no sir,” and “thank you sir.”

All around Player

6’1 ’22 Bryce Scott (Concord First Assembly) Scott has tremendous athleticism and showcased the ability to knock down midrange jumpers with consistency. He’s active on both ends of the court. Scott was involved in making things happen on both ends of the court.

Sleeper player of the day

5’8 ’22 London Johnson (Community House MS) We had a chance to watch Johnson previously at our NC Jr. Phenom camp and Phenom sponsored events. Each time, he played extremely well. Today was no exception. Johnson has nice length and simply does a little bit of everything well on the court. He can score from all three levels and we were impressed with his ability to rebound his position.

Shooter Supreme

5’8 ’22 Cole Callaway (Brawley MS) Every shot looks like it is going in. Cole has excellent shooting mechanics and a terrific 3-point shooter. One thing is for certain, you cannot leave him open!

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