Phenom’s Open Gym Tour
Heritage High School (Wake Forest, NC)
By Jamie Shaw

Heritage High School has only been open for eight or so years. Last year, was far and away the schools best year as they went on a 28-2 tear finishing up in the 3rd round of the NCHSAA 4A State Playoffs. They lost 3 starters, who all went on to play college athletics, but they are in a position to still have their best players, some transfers and a nice pipeline from JV to really compete this year.

Coaches in Attendance
St Joe’s Head Coach Phil Martelli, Georgia Southern assistant Larry Dixon…

The School’s Best Ever
Already 6’7” Jayden Gardner is the schools all time leading scorer and rebounder, and he is only entering his senior year. As this year comes to an end he should finish with over 2,000 career points and over 1,000 career rebounds. Astonishing numbers, but it shouldn’t come as any surprise with his ample recruitment at this point. Last year Gardner finished averaging 23 points, shooting 59% from the field, and 15.2 boards per game.

Gardner has already taken an official visit to College of Charleston and has one set for East Carolina this weekend. It looks like St Joe’s will end up getting on and he is talking with Murray State, UTEP and Georgia Southern to see if he wants to visit there. Gardner is in no hurry to sign, but don’t be surprised if a couple more schools jump in here. There is a lot to like with his no nonsense rugged style of play. 2,000 & 1,000 speaks for itself.

The Ring Leader
6’2” 2018 Jaren McAllister has been committed to Virginia Tech for over a year and a half now. McAllister has worked his tail off this summer and completely taken his game to the next level. Looking very comfortable on the ball, McAllister plays with a great pace and has really shore up his jump shot. Always having the explosion and defensive instincts, McAllister has really done a great job transforming his body, looking like an ACC guard.

The Glue
Recently transferred in from Hough High School, Dow Dunton will play a huge role for the success of this team. You know what you are going to get from Gardner, and McAllister will go out on a nightly basis and do his thing. For this Heritage team to have the success they are expecting, 6’7” 2018 Dow Dunton will need to produce points and boards.

That shouldn’t be a tall task for the bouncy forward. Dunton is very strong and bouncy. He plays with a great motor and has a skill for coming up with loose balls. It will be interesting to see which schools come into play for Dunton, he is still under the radar but is certain to turn heads this entire season.

The Future
Dow’s little brother 6’5” 2021 Redford Dunton should be considered among the top prospects in a 2021 North Carolina class that is shaping up to be loaded. Dunton carries a very athletic frame and has good bounce, however it is his feel for the game that really stands out. His footwork and knowledge of angles is advanced well beyond his years. He has touch at all 3 levels and the ability to put it on the floor to get to the rim. He is a throwback player with his efficiency, however there is no doubt he is tracking as a high level recruit. On this team he will not need to be featured, but even as only a freshman he will play an important role.

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