Phenom’s Open Gym Tour
Goose Creek High School (Goose Creek, SC)
By Jamie Shaw

Ever since Blake Hall took over as coach at Goose Creek High School, they have been prominently figured in the state’s basketball landscape. Hall won a state championship his first year there, five seasons ago and has made play off runs each season since.

Even with moving up to 5A and their region being the strongest that it has ever been two things remain a fact for Goose Creek, they take great pride in defense and rebounding and they are led by scholarship level senior guards. That is usually a recipe for a good season.

With that said, mid to high D2s and low major schools need to make their way to Goose Creek to watch their players.

Without further ado, here is who to watch…

He’s Back
6’2” 2018 Chris Fordham
Right when Fordham’s recruitment was about to blow up with D1s lined up and ready to come into the gym and on the first play of the first practice, Fordham goes up and smashes on a player. When he comes down he tears his ACL, all of sudden he is out for the school season and travel season. Well Fordham is back now, his knee is stronger and his jump shot is knock down. Look for him to get back on the Division 1 radar and finish high school with a big season.

The Late Bloomer
6’ 2018 Erick Bennett
Bennett played his first year of varsity last year and had a solid season, well this year is his year. The senior version of Bennett is an explosive point guard who can shoot it, has the ball on a string and plays defense for 94’. D2 schools should be sitting on Bennett this season.

The Future
5’11” 2021 Malachi Williams
Typically with large public schools players have to earn their stripes on JV, well Williams will play on varsity as a freshman this season. Williams is an athletic guard who plays with a confidence as well as an ability to get what he wants off the bounce. Intriguing future.

Others to Watch
5’9” 2019 Cam Fordham

6’2” 2020 Jamal McGowen

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