Next Level Girls Showcase
Team 8 Evaluations
Coach: Drew Cone

#2: 5’2 ’21 Shawniyah McCrae of JM Robinson (Concord)

First, we look at a point guard that made her presence felt on both ends of the floor with hustle and intensity, Shawniyah McCrae. She’s scrappy and gets into the lane fairly often, where she’s able to score or distribute the ball to teammates. Next in her development process is to continue working on her ball handling and shooting to maximize her offensive ceiling. Coach Cone on McCrae: “Shawniyah is a very coachable young lady. Despite her small size, she hustles, plays hard, and will go right at bigger defenders. As she matures, she will be a solid high school player, but should continue working on strengthening her body.” McCrae made plays on both ends of the floor; she still has untapped potential, and is just beginning to scratch the surface.

#7: 5’3 ’20 Areina Harris of Rolesville (Raleigh)

Next, we look at a guard that controlled the game on offense with her ability to score efficiently and regularly, Areina Harris. Offensively, she scores quite well from all three levels, though she is at her best from three-point range. Harris displays a high IQ and tight handle when given ball handling duties. Next in her development process is working on her overall strength, as it’ll make her difficult to contain inside the paint. Coach Cone on Harris: “Areina is very good with the ball and is creative with her decision making. She can shoot deep three-pointers and is very aggressive. As her body matures, she will be able to finish around the basket with ease. Areina was very coachable throughout camp.” Harris’ quickness and footwork already make her a tough defender; watch for her to have a breakout sophomore season.

#9: 5’3 ’21 Kristynn Ana Knight of East Millbrook Magnet (Raleigh)

Moving onto a tough two-way guard that understands how to make an impact whenever she’s on the floor, Kristynn Knight. Offensively, she displayed a high IQ and the ability to score on three levels while making great decisions with the ball in her hands. On the other end, she was able to mirror opposing guards with her quick feet and positioning. Though Knight is already strong for her size, adding strength is the most necessary area for improvement, as it will allow her to punish defenders constantly. Coach Cone on Knight: “Kristynn is a very strong, small guard with scrappiness on defense. As her body matures, she will be able to finish around the basket with more frequency. She worked hard and was a very coachable young lady.” Knight proved to be a high school-ready prospect and should have a quality freshman season at East Millbrook.

#13: 5’5 ’21 Alicia Joy Cone of Walkertown (Winston-Salem)

Next, we look at a player who was able to draw the attention of defenses with her scoring and passing abilities, Alicia Cone. Throughout camp, Cone knocked down numerous jumpers from all three levels and also showed patience when driving. She continuously took smart shots and made opponents pay; she displayed a tremendous overall feel for the game. Next in her development process is finishing strong around the basket, as it would make her scoring arsenal virtually unstoppable. Coach Drew on Cone: “Alicia is a solid combo guard that comes from a strong basketball lineage. She is able to score on all three levels but should continue working on her passing and getting teammates involved. Alicia was a very coachable young lady that should develop into a dynamic player for high school and beyond.” Cone had no difficulty asserting her will on opposing teams and should look to carry that same hunger into the upcoming season.

#18: 5’5 ’21 Ashley Woodfin of Trinity Christian (Raleigh)

Continuing onto a player that is projected to have great success at the high school level, Ashley Woodfin. She’s a guard with quality offensive skills and a mind built for scoring; Woodfin was able to shoot the ball exceptionally well from midrange and three-point territory all day. She showed the ability to create her own shot and knock them down off the dribble or catch. Next in her development process is honing in on her defensive abilities, as she has the potential to become a dangerous two-way player. Coach Cone on Woodfin: “Ashley is very good with the ball and can shoot the ball well on deep three-point opportunities. She has the potential to be a great high school player as she improves her defensive skills. Ashley was a hard worker and very coachable young lady. She will be able to play at the next level.” Watch for Woodfin to round out her game and become a dominant force in high school basketball.


#23: 5’6 ’21 SaMiyah Williams of East Mecklenburg (Charlotte)

Moving onto a player that was dominant on both sides of the floor throughout camp, SaMiyah Williams. She has an incredible feel for the game and looks so comfortable on offense, with or without the ball, as she is able to create opportunities for herself with great frequency. Williams scores on all three levels and then showed the ability to shut down her opponent on the other end. Next in her development process is working on finding teammates more often; she will be able to score with greater ease by allowing the defense to direct their attention elsewhere. Coach Cone on Williams: “SaMiyah is a dynamic player who is very confident on the court. She has the ability to penetrate to the basket and finish with regularity. She needs to work on getting others involved, but was very coachable and showcases a high basketball IQ.” Williams just has an understanding and nose for the game; she could easily be a high-level player.

#27: 5’7 ’21 Azeria Thompson of Village Christian (Fayetteville)

Next, we look at a player that took pride in affecting all facets of the game during each and every contest, Azeria Thompson. She’s a forward with a high motor, which is a direct correlation with her relentlessness on the glass, where she outrebounded bigger and stronger players. Though she isn’t a knockdown shooter from three, Thompson is capable of scoring from all three levels and was a reliable option when her team needed a basket. Next in her development process is working on seeing the floor, as it would allow her to secure the rebound and then immediately start looking for teammates in scoring position. Coach Cone on Thompson: “Azeria is strong on the boards, fights in the post, and scores down low whenever she wants. As she continues to extend her shooting range, she can be a very solid ball player who should be able to play at the next level. Azeria was very coachable and worked hard.”

#65: 6’1 ’20 Lexi Jeffreys of Wayne Country Day (Goldsboro)

Finishing up, we look at a player that controlled the paint on both ends of the floor with her size and scoring ability, Lexi Jeffreys. She is a strong post player with a soft shooting touch from the elbows or the low post, where she awarded herself a plethora of buckets. Jeffreys was a plus-level rebounder and determined defender/shot blocker inside. Next in her development process is working on her lateral quickness, as it will allow her to more easily control the paint, especially on defense. Coach Cone on Jeffreys: “Lexi has great size and can score in the post well. She has a nice soft touch from 15 feet and in. As she develops her footwork, she can become a dynamic high school player. She will also be able to play at the next level; she was very coachable throughout camp.” Jeffreys was terrific throughout camp and should carry her strong play over to her sophomore season at Wayne Country Day.

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