Next Level Girls Showcase
Team 7 Evaluations
Coach: Ronald McDaniels

#12: 5’4 ’22 McKenna Snively of Pollard MS (Chapel Hill)

Starting things off, we look at a player that is quickly grasping the nuances of the high school game while still playing at the middle school stage, McKenna Snively. She’s a guard with a quality jumper and team-first mindset. Snively displayed the ability to handle and pass the ball at a strong level in the half court. Next in her development process is continuing to work on her overall strength, as it will allow her to more easily outwork her opponent on both ends of the floor. Coach McDaniels on Snively: “McKenna is a solid all-around player and has a variety of good skills; she was always ready to play and listened to any provided advice. Going forward, she needs to work on moving without the ball, making it easier for her to score off-ball.” Snively has the foundation of a nice player and should be more prepared than her peers for the high school game.

#19: 5’5 ’22 Elisa Harris of Wakefield MS (Raleigh)

Next, we look at a player that will be an instant coach favorite upon entering high school– given her take-no-prisoners attitude– Elisa Harris. She’s a two-way guard that knows how to impact the game in all facets, despite being younger than majority of competition. Harris plays with a high IQ and has a knack for both scoring and distributing the ball at a high level. Next in her development process is working on her release timing, as it would make her a more lethal threat to score, which she’s already capable of doing from all three levels. Coach McDaniels on Harris: “Elisa is a very smart player and is simply the type of player that every coach wants to have on their team. She’s gritty and plays with a high motor; few players were able to stop Elisa during camp.” Harris made quite the impression with her play throughout camp and should look to build off it going into the upcoming season.

#25: 5’6 ’23 Mariam Abdelbarr of Durham Academy (Durham)

Moving onto a player that constantly did whatever necessary to put her team in a winning position, Mariam Abdelbarr. She has a nice looking jumper and has the potential to grow into a dynamic scorer; she also was among the biggest motivators for her team. Abdelbarr nabbed a few rebounds and worked hard on the defensive end. Next in her development process is continuing to round out the skills within her game, in order to become a more complete player. Coach McDaniels on Abdelbarr: “Mariam is a great team player with great upside; she is only beginning to scratch the surface of her abilities. She plays very hard and has skills that contribute to the teams’ success.” Abdelbarr should look to take the next step forward this season.

#35: 5’7 ’20 Aniyah Vanhook of Burlington School (Burlington)

Continuing onto a player that asserted her will on both ends of the floor throughout camp, Aniyah Vanhook. She’s an explosive guard with an extremely tight handle, able to cross over and blow by any opponent matched up against her. Vanhook scored automatically from midrange and has the potential to be a dangerous three-level scorer. She plays with a high IQ and simply appears more advanced than the majority of players in her path. Next in her development process is continuing to hone her skillset on both ends of the floor while sharpening her three-point shot, as she would be virtually unstoppable. Coach McDaniels on Vanhook: “Aniyah is instant offense; she consistently disrupts opponents on either end of the floor with her speed and lateral quickness. Her vision is great and she can create shots for herself and others.” Vanhook was awarded with her stellar play by making the All-Camp Second Team.

#37: 5’7 ’21 Aliya Richmond of Ravenscroft (Richmond)

Next, we look at a player that displayed great versatility while giving an incredible effort on both ends, Aliya Richmond. She’s a natural wing but has the ability to bump up or down a position, based on what her team needs. Richmond was a reliable defender for her team, rarely allowing her opponent to score. Next in her development process is continuing to work on her shooting ability, as it would make her a phenomenal two-way player. Coach McDaniels on Richmond: “Ailya is a solid all-around player; she has the ability to play multiple positions well and doesn’t take plays off. She plays with a high motor and brings it every possession; was coachable and willing to do anything to help the team.” Richmond displayed a winners’ skillset and should bring that same approach to her freshman season.

#40: 5’7 ’22 Mia Bess of Hawley MS (Oxford)

Moving onto a player that provided nonstop effort on both ends of the floor throughout camp, Mia Bess. She’s a strong-bodied post that has the ability to get position against most opponents; she was solid in transition with and without the ball. Next in her development process is developing a go-to shot, as it’ll make her more difficult to contain on the offensive end. Coach McDaniels on Bess: “Mia brought a great attitude to every game and looked to make plays whenever possible. She has the physical tools to be a nice player, but should improve her ball handling abilities, in order to round out her game. Mia has upside at the post position, and should continue playing with the same intensity.” Bess knows how to involve herself in the action and hit the glass whenever possible. She should use her final season of middle school ball to put in any necessary work to ready herself for the next step.

#42: 5’8 ’21 Kaylee Keibler of Village Christian (Fayetteville)

Continuing onto a player that established herself as an imposing post player on both ends, Kaylee Keibler. She has great size that she’s capable of using to get inside looks on offense; Keibler didn’t back down from any opposing post players, regardless of size. Her attitude and demeanor were both huge pluses within her game, always staying upbeat and motivating teammates. Next in her development process is building her ball handling and shooting abilities, as they would allow her to step out to the perimeter and score more easily. Coach McDaniels on Keibler: “Kaylee has a great approach to the game along with her size. She needs to add a little polish but was very coachable and displayed a great attitude. As she gets faster and quicker, she will become a better overall defender.” Keibler works hard and should have no problem developing her game to another level.

#44: 5’8 ’21 Madison Nereu of West Cary MS (Cary)

Next, we look at a player that was among the most consistent options for her team throughout camp, Madison Nereu. She was near dominant on the offensive end, where she frequently set the table for her team with scoring and passing. Nereu demanded most of the attention on that end and displayed the IQ and vision necessary to properly involve her teammates. She rebounded the ball quite well and showed versatility on the perimeter. Next in her development process is working on her quickness, as it would make her a problem to deal with on both ends of the floor. Coach McDaniels on Nereu: “Madison is a gritty post player that can step out and control the tempo on the perimeter. She has a great skillset and is a strong overall player; she was among our most reliable options each game.” Nereu has all the tools to be a terrific player at the high school level; she should build off her camp performance going into her freshman season.

#47: 5’8 ’22 Sydnie Lester of Wake Forest MS (Wake Forest)

Finishing up, we look at a player that was able to make her presence felt in the paint on both ends of the floor, Sydnie Lester. She’s a post player that has the ability to score fairly well from the low block, especially when given appropriate time to do so. Lester brought a great attitude and team-first mindset to camp, doing whatever possible to put her team in a winning position. She already possesses great size considering her current age. Next in her development process is improving her ability to rebound the ball, as it would allow her to control the paint better on either end. Coach McDaniels on Lester: “Sydnie was a great addition to the team, always ready to make an impact. She brought a terrific attitude to the table and knows how to properly use her size inside the paint. Sydnie should develop into a quality high school player.” Lester will get better with each passing game she plays, as she will grow with increased repetitions.

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