Next Level Girls Showcase
Team 6 Evaluations
Coach: Darius Williams

#1: 5’0 ’21 Jayde Gamble of Millbrook (Clayton)

Starting things off, we look at a player that destroyed her matchup each and every game, Jayde Gamble. She’s as dynamic as any player from camp, possessing the ball handling skills to break down and blow by any defender in her path. Gamble’s offensive game is very advanced for her age; her mind for the game is phenomenal, as she can find teammates through even the tiniest of seams. Next in her development process is continuing to add strength, as she will need it to play at the college level. Coach Williams on Gamble: “Jayde is one of the elite ninth grade point guards in the state of North Carolina! No one could contain her off the dribble, where she created exceptionally well for herself and teammates.” The sky is truly the limit for Gamble who already has a tremendously well-rounded game. Only time will tell how good the All-Camp First Teamer can be.


#6: 5’3 ’21 Seraiah Davis of Langtree Charter (Mooresville)

Next, we look at a two-way player that understands how to involve herself in all action of the game, Seraiah Davis. She’s a guard that creates well for others, especially in transition, where she frequently looked to make the smart play over the flashy one. Davis plays an unselfish brand of basketball and works hard on the defensive end of the floor. Next in her development process is working on the speed of her release time when shooting, as it would take her shot making ability to another level. Coach Williams on Davis: “Seraiah brings great length to the table and has no difficulty getting a shot for herself; she is supremely confident and shows no fear of other players. She will be a nice high school player almost immediately.” Davis is a great prospect with considerable upside; she will be a force given some added work.

#15: 5’5 ’21 Keyona Farris of JM Robinson (Concord)

Moving onto a player that frequently used her length to wreak havoc on the defensive end of the floor, Keyona Farris. She’s a fairly well rounded player with a high motor and quality guard skills. She’s a quality scorer off the dribble and has the ability to rise above bigger/taller players to score effectively inside the paint. Next in her development process is improving her overall ball handling and passing abilities, as they would allow her to easily involve teammates on offense. Coach Williams on Farris: “Keyona is a long, intriguing player. She was fantastic on defense, making plays inside and outside the paint. Keyona is a great player with a nice offensive skillset, though she needs to improve the use of her off-hand.” Farris is going to put on strength in due time, so she needs to focus on staying in the gym and honing all facets of her game during her first season of high school ball.

#26: 5’6 ’22 Hannah Freeman of North Rowan MS (Woodleaf)

Continuing onto a player that lit it up on the offensive end, coming from all three levels, Hannah Freeman. She’s a smart guard with a knack for scoring, but also brings a terrific attitude and motor to the table. Freeman got into the lane well and scored nearly everything inside the painted area. Defensively, she did a quality job of mirroring her assignment and eliminating any possible airspace. Next in her development process is working on her ability to play without the ball, as it would allow her to find better scoring chances. Coach Williams on Freeman: “Hannah is a hard worker with solid size for a guard. She can really shoot the ball, but needs to have more confidence in herself. Hannah has the tools to be a successful player; she should continue working on her off hand.” Freeman should look to build off her strong camp performance going into her final year before high school.

#30: 5’7 ’21 Je’Bria Fullwood of Greensboro Day (Greensboro)

Next, we look at a player that displayed great versatility across multiple positions on both ends of the floor, Je’Bria Fullwood. She’s not necessarily confined to a set position, as her scoring and tough defense allow her to be inserted in a variety of lineups. Fullwood shot the ball fairly well from all three levels while showcasing a high IQ and team-first mentality. Next in her development process is working on finishing inside, as it would make her a deadly two-way presence. Coach Williams on Fullwood: “Je’Bria is a solid player with great body control; she knows what she wants to do and typically has success carrying it out. Going forward she needs to work on her off-hand and overall finishing ability. She has the physical tools necessary to do so.” Fullwood put her full arsenal on display and should continue honing her full skillset as she heads into her freshman season.

#32: 5’7 ’22 Aysia Hinton of A.L. Stanback (Mebane)

Moving onto a player with huge upside, given her expanded IQ and overall understanding for the game, Aysia Hinton. She’s a guard that can play with or without the ball exceptionally well. If the team needs scoring, she can easily play off-ball and punish opponents with her jumper. However, Hinton is also capable of providing great ball distribution skills when given the ball. She also proved to be a terrific defender and is mature beyond her age as a basketball player. Next in her development process is continuing to add strength, as she will need it to finish stronger at the basket. Coach Williams on Hinton: “Aysia is a great player with an innate feel for the game; she uses her pull-up jumper very well in transition or in traffic. Has all the tools to play at the next level.” Hinton should dominate her competition this season and start preparing for her freshman year.

#34: 5’7 ’22 Samyha Suffren of Bailey MS (Charlotte)

Continuing onto a player that really wowed coaches and spectators with her phenomenal all-around play, Samyha Suffren. She’s a guard that is capable of really anything on the offensive end while shutting down her assignment on the defensive. Suffren uses her size and strength to control where she wants to go on the floor; she has quality vision and looks to get others involved whenever possible. Next in her development process is continuing to work on consistency from all three levels, as it will help her become an elite player. Coach Williams on Suffren: “Samyha was a huge part of our teams’ success, given her play on both ends of the floor. She is an amazing athlete that can score from three levels, defend, and rebounds well for a guard. She has a very bright future ahead of her.” Keep an eye on Suffren, as she has all the makings of a special player.

#46: 5’8 ’20 Shelby Woods of Cary (Cary)

Next, we look at a player that was impressive shooting the ball from all three levels throughout camp, Shelby Woods. She’s a strong-bodied forward with range, capable of knocking down open looks whenever given the opportunity. Woods is an overall solid ball handler and passer that tries to involve teammates. Next in her development process is working on her lateral quickness, as it would allow her to take a step up on the defensive end. Coach Williams on Woods: “Shelby is a nice player with untapped potential; she shoots the ball well and has solid vision in transition. She needs to use her legs more on jumpers and the use of her off-hand, as it would simplify the game for her.” Woods will continue to improve with some work, and has the chance to play at the next level.

#57: 5’10 ’22 Ciarra Sims of Githens MS (Durham)

Finishing things up, we look at a player that did a great job controlling the paint on both ends of the floor, Ciarra Sims. She’s a strong forward that knows how to work around the basket and did a good job dealing with double teams and traffic. She was easily the best rebounder on this team, nearing double digits each game, and showcasing her ability to get boards at the next level. Sims displayed a great attitude and team-first approach to the game. Next in her development process is continuing to round out her game, with her ball handling and finishing abilities. Coach Williams on Sims: “Ciarra is a really strong player with grittiness and toughness down low; she didn’t back down from bigger opponents and hit the glass with intensity every time. Ciarra has great potential, but she does need to get stronger with her off-hand.” Sims should continue bringing the same approach to each game as she builds her arsenal for the high school game, where she could be a big-time player.

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