#8: 5’3 ’19 Jala Holloman of Wayne Country Day (Princeton)

Starting things off, we look at a player that set the nets on fire from her constant flow of buckets, Jala Holloman. She’s a guard with a decent handle, but her incredibly polished three-level scoring and ability to move without the ball allow her to slide off-ball whenever necessary. Holloman displayed a high IQ throughout camp and looked for teammates whenever possible; she also proved to be a really solid on-ball defender. Next in her development process is working on her transition defense, as it would give her a much higher ability to force turnovers. Coach Norwood on Holloman: “Jala is a great shooter on all levels and has a nice IQ/feel for the game. She’s physically strong despite her small stature. Jala will need to tighten her handle in order to prepare for the next level.” Holloman is a very valuable asset on the offensive end, and should look to hone her two-way abilities this season, as it could be a breakout one.

#16: 5’4 ’19 Anna Franklin of Waccamaw (Murrells Inlet)

Next, we look at a player with a high motor and considerable upside on both ends of the floor, Anna Franklin. She’s a point guard that loves to attack off the dribble; she creates pretty well for others but sometimes struggles to create for herself. Franklin’s nonstop motor was among her best assets, as it allowed her to get many transition buckets and force turnovers along the way. Next in her development process is working on her shooting ability from all three levels, as it would certainly elevate her game to new heights. Coach Norwood on Franklin: “Anna plays extremely hard at all times, which is always valued. She needs to work on creating space before attacking, as she can sometimes dribble into traffic. Her shot wasn’t falling but she could be a consistent shooter based on mechanics.” Franklin is entering a pivotal junior season and could have a breakout year with some added work.

#36: 5’8 ’18 Akira Wiggins of Knightdale (Knightdale)

Continuing onto a player that showcased a terrific feel and understanding for the game on both ends of the floor, Akira Wiggins. She’s a point guard with the ability to create for her teammates and control the tempo; she shot the ball incredibly well from all three levels throughout camp. Wiggins was among the top defenders at camp, as she frequently shut down her opponent and eliminated all airspace with her phenomenal positioning. Next in her development process is tightening her handle, because it would make her shot creating abilities even better. Coach Norwood on Wiggins: “Akira is a prototypical point guard and has a good change of pace with the ball. She had a constant flow of midrange shots and her defensive ball pressure is elite. Akira needs to clean up her left hand dribbling going forward.” Wiggins will be one to watch during her senior season, as it could be a huge stage for her breakout.

#41: 5’9 ’18 Anna Vann of Roanoke Rapids (Roanoke Rapids)

Moving onto a player that showcased her elite athleticism nearly every possession on both ends of the floor, Anna Vann. She’s a guard with incredible speed and quickness, making her a matchup problem for any opponent. Vann blows by defenders with ease, both in transition and half court situations, and drew dozens of fouls at the rim during camp. Defensively, she causes problems for opposing guards, as her quick hands awarded her numerous steals, and she’s too fast to chase down in transition. Next in her development process is working on her ability to shoot the ball from three-point range, as it would raise her ceiling tremendously. Coach Norwood on Vann: “Anna is an incredible athlete that gets to the basket with ease; she is a terror in transition. She goes north and south with the ball and is a phenomenal on-ball defender but can get lost when her assignment doesn’t have the ball.” Vann can definitely be a D1 level player with a little work this season.

#48: 5’7” ’18 Alexus Tucker of Millbrook HS (Raleigh)

Continuing onto a player that had no issue asserting herself on both sides of the ball, Alexus Tucker. She’s a guard with the ability to play or without the ball quite well; she can handle the ball if needed but has the necessary shooting to hurt opponents off-ball. Tucker scored efficiently from all three levels and displayed a sound understanding of the game; she proved to be a plus defender and was a vocal leader on the defensive end. Next in her development process is improving her rebounding ability, as it would allow her to get many second-chance buckets. Coach Norwood: “Alexus is a smart player with good feel for the game; she knows when to push and when to slow down. She plays within the team and knows how to involve her teammates in the offense. Alexus needs to work on being more shifty with the ball.” Tucker has the potential to make a splash this season with her quality guard skills; she’s one to keep an eye on.

#60: 5’3 ’18 Ariana Brown of Lee County HS (Sanford)

Next, we look at a player whose team first approach and unselfishness certainly stood out, Ariana Brown. She’s a scrappy guard with a nice pull-up jumper and decent ball handling skills; she looked comfortable in transition and typically made good decisions with the ball. Next in her development process is to work on her ability to shoot off the dribble, as it would allow her to get off shots much easier with or without defense. Coach Norwood on Brown: “Ariana displayed a positive attitude throughout camp and was an encouraging teammate. She is good in the midrange and showed her ability to score from the elbows. She needs to improve on her activity on both sides of the ball., as it could definitely raise her overall ceiling. Ariana could be a tough player with a little work.” Brown displayed some quality skills during camp and should look to bring that same intensity into the upcoming season.

#62: 6’0 ’18 Lauren Moore of Jack Britt (Fayetteville)

Moving onto a player that provided a reliable flow of buckets for her team from start to finish, Lauren Moore. She’s a post that can step out and hit midrange looks with great regularity, regardless of defensive pressure. Moore also displayed a high IQ and a strong arsenal of post moves down low; she’s able to get a bucket when her team needs one. She was a solid defender and even netted a few blocks and steals during camp. Next in her development process is to work on her ball handling skills, as it would allow her to get to the rim whenever she desires—where she’s capable of finishing. Coach Norwood on Moore: “Lauren is a solid all-around player who is really good in the midrange. She has a good understanding of the game but needs to improve her reaction time, as it would allow her many more opportunities to force turnovers. Lauren plays well with her back to the basket.” Moore will be one to watch this upcoming season, as she could have a huge breakout year.

#71: 6′ ’19 Somer Wilson of Mooresville HS (Mooresville)

Finishing up with a player that was able to make her impact felt on all three levels throughout camp, Somer Wilson. She’s a long-armed forward that shot the ball exceptionally well in transition, by setting up in the corners and using her quick release. Wilson has great size and knows how to use her length on the defensive end, especially around the basket, where she netted multiple blocks at the rim. She played hard each game and did anything possible to put her team in a winning situation. Next in her development process is working on her ability to put the ball on the floor and finish at the rim, as it would elevate her offensive game to a new level. Coach Norwood on Brown: “Somer is a smooth kid that listens well, she needs to go harder in transition defense but has a great frame with great size. She understands how to pick her spots.” Wilson displayed a variety of intriguing skills during camp and should play that way during her upcoming season.

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