Phenom’s Next Level Girls Showcase
Porter’s Picks (Part 2)
By Jason Porter

Greensboro, NC was the place to be this weekend for top high school girls hoops as our Next Level Girls Showcase was off the hook. This was a live period event and as you know, if Phenom is hosting an event, coaches show up. With several schools here courtside they were treated to some true next level players. Some that stood out include:

Aniyah Vanhook, 5’7 2020 G at The Burlington School – Kids this young should not be this good. Aniyah is blessed with good size for the PG spot, easy handles, and the type of offensive game that allows her to get what she wants when she wants it. While several here at this event showed next level skills what helps set her apart is her instincts while on the attack. High skill level plus natural feel for the game makes for a dangerous player. Make no mistake, Aniyah is dangerous out on the floor.

Jayde Gamble, 5’ 2021 G at Millbrook HS – Millbrook always seems to generate players out of its program. Jayde looks to be next off that assembly line. She may be on the smaller side of things but that does not keep Jayde from getting it done out on the floor. She can flat out go. She showed the ability to score at all 3 levels, has more strength than it would seem, and has the jets she can turn on whenever she wants. Small frame is only concern but she is young and will grow and get stronger. Very bright future on this kid.

Aliya Richmond, 5’7 2021 G at Ravenscroft – Aliya showed a little bit of everything in this event. She does all well enough but does not have that one stand out “calling card” she can go to just yet to her game. She shows that she understands the game at a higher level than most she was with making basketball moves where others did not and gave every indication to suggest she will develop nicely going forward. Glue type game to her that will help her now and into the future.

Alana Brown, 5’7 2019 G at Heritage HS – Alana stood out in the drills in the morning and then solidified her position as one of the top players here during the games. Kid is just tough and knows how to ball. She has a high hoops IQ to her, does the little things you look for, D’s up, and showed she can run a team. This is the type of all-day competitor that coaches kill for and players look up to. Solid performance from start to finish for Alana here today.

Kristan Wall, 5’10 2018 F at Spring Valley HS – Wall is a long forward prospect that shows ability to play whatever role is needed. She defended practically every spot out on the floor today, rebounded, and showed ability as a shot blocker on the defensive end. She looked like she ran out of juice some as the day went on but showed plenty on the day to suggest she is one to watch for the next level.

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