6’0 2019 David Murphy: NC Empire Perry

Murphy is as pure of a scorer we’ve seen all spring, looking like an unstoppable force with the ball in his hands against every team he’s played all summer. He’s explosive, crafty, and does a great job stepping into his pull-up jumper with a ton of confidence. Will almost certainly end up a full scholarship kid when its all said and done.

6’3 2021 Glenn Bynum Jr: Team Charlotte 17U Herron

Bynum is the epitome of a great glue guy, he understands that doing the dirty work will get you on a college roster one day, ensuring he plays the game with a ton of tenacity and fight. He’s showing scoring flashes, especially in transition where he uses his length and athleticism to finish at the cup. He’s developing nicely, and should have a big role at Northside Christian next year.

6’4 2019 Noah Dunn: Greensboro Warriors Unsigned Seniors

Dunn is another incredibly productive player that continues to impress every time he steps on the court. His ability to shoot the ball with a high level of consistency has helped him use his strength and craftiness to score the ball inside at will. He’s making tremendous strides in his return from injury. Expect that to continue and for Dunn to find a great landing spot here in the near future.

6’0 2019 LJ Rogers: Carolina Knights

Rogers is another unsigned senior that should have D3/D2 coaches in need of a guard watching his every move. He’s a high IQ lead guard with an awesome first step, allowing him to create separation consistently against a variety of defenders. He plays with a ton of confidence as one of the feature scorers, leaving no questions about his willingness to get the job done.

6’0 2020 Andrew Shull: Team Renegades

Shull has some serious substance to his game, he plays with a chip on his shoulder and a serious flare. Shooting the ball from distance at a high clip, Shull could easily rely on that aspect of his game, but he’s much more than that. He’s a superb passer, runs the floor well, and defends with a ton of passion. Shull should have scholarship coaches watching closely throughout the summer.

6’3 2021 Austin Medlin: Team Defenders 17U

Medlin is an incredibly fundamentally sound 2 guard that does a great job understanding time and space. His an excellent shooter, that loves the mid-range area where he uses the shot fake into a one dribble pull up as his go to move. It’s his first summer playing serious travel ball, expect Medlin to continue racking up big performances and garnering the attention of scouts/coaches alike.

6’0 2020 Isaac Sinclair: Team Stacked 17U

Sinclair has been a consistent performer over the last few summers and it’s all culminating as he has shown ability to be a do it all point guard. He’s a slick passer, making plays that only he can, using his eyes to look the defense off and find his man. Expect Sinclair’s recruitment to really start to gain real traction in the coming months. He’s the kind of kid/player every coach should want.

6’1 2020 Machai Holt: CEBA Massey

Holt is a remarkable leaper, incredibly explosive in transition, bringing a ton of energy and excitement to this CEBA Massey squad. He can shoot the ball in the mid-range efficiently, and use his strength to get to the basket on smaller defenders. Expect Holt to continue rounding out his skillset, developing into a bonafide next level talent.

6’7 2020 Zach Shumate: Carolina Wolves (NC)

Shumate is one of the hardest working players I’ve seen all day, showcasing his ability to rebound, make perimeter shots, and do the little things all at the same time. He’s willing to put his body on the line in order to make a play, and understands his role within this team. He’s a bonafide scholarship level talent in my eyes that should continue to work on his ability to create off the bounce in order to boost his stock even more.

6’7 2021 Treyvon Byrd: NC Ice

We’ve extensively covered Byrd throughout the travel ball season and within a few minutes of viewing him live in person, it’s easy to see why. He’s a high flying, incredibly long wing guard that is simply unbelievable in the open court using his speed and athleticism to just blow by/over defenders. His skillset is rapidly improving, showing that he can be a reliable shooter and make the right reads at an increasingly consistent level. Byrd has a chance to be recruited at a very high level, he has a ways to go, but if he gets there, the sky is true the limit.

6’8 2020 Brandon Summers: CSB Elite Hunt

Summers is more potential than production at this point, but there’s so much here that there should be a college coach willing to take a chance because his ceiling is really high. At 6’8 he moves well, is a good area rebounder with decent touch around the basket, as he continues to learn how to apply his physical gifts to playing productive basketball, he should be able to have coaches seriously watching along.

6’5 2021 Jalen Walker: Team Disciples

Arguably the teams best player while playing an age group up, Walker is an incredibly productive combo forward that finds a way to score at the rim whenever he gets good positioning. He has great touch around the hoop with the ability to get downhill whenever he wants. Expect Walker to lay the foundation for a big Junior/Senior year this summer, and college coaches to follow along accordingly.

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