See some of the quick scouting notes of some that impressed our staff analyst, Patrick O’Brien

Here are just a few names that caught the eye of our staff analyst Patrick O’Brien, as Phenom Hoops will continue to dish out all of the evaluations from the Phenom Session I event.

#39 Brian Free

  • Even though he is only 5’2, this young man really got it done on the defensive side and running the point. Overall, just really liked his hustle and hard work on both sides, using his size to get low and either get by his opponents or look for the open man on offense. On defense though, where he stood out. In your face, never give up, and always active hands.

#33 John Newman

  • Coming in already highly ranked, one can see why and what he is capable of doing if he continues to work hard on developing his overall game. Already at 6’5, he has the height, with the capability of handling the rock well. He also was able to use his size to really attack the basket and use his athletic ability to get up towards the rim. Furthermore, he showed a nice, smooth jump shot from the free throw out. Only part of the 2018 class, Newman really could blossom into an elite talent with his game still coming around.

#240 JP Moorman

  • Moorman certainly has the tools to be a Division I player at the next level. He has a big stature and is a lengthy guard. His body frame translates to the next level very easy, which is why programs like Charlotte and Wake Forest, among others are coming after him hard. He can play multiple positions; playing strong down low when he needs to and using his strength or he can knock down those outside shots. He even got the crowd going early with a one handed monster dunk, just to show everyone that he is here and backing up his ranking.

#239 William Onyeobi

  • William is a 6’6 prospect from Fayetteville Academy. Then looking his name up, saw that he was part of the 2019 class of North Carolina. Took me by surprised but he already has a nice frame and really battles against older talent. Also showed just how athletic he can be when he threw down a slam that the whole building heard. Young man with some upside and certainly one to keep an eye on. He had a game high in Game 2 of 36 points. This kid could be big-time.

#150 Chase Splitter

  • Solid play maker and only part of the 2019 class. He did a little bit of everything. Was able to get to the rim and use his size (6’4 already), knocked down a few shots, and made some key blocks in the first game of the day. Played with something to prove and another young talent that could develop into a nice prospect. Really did it all on Sunday.

#161 Jaden Springer

  • If you haven’t heard of this young man’s name, you better start. After averaging over 36 points per game in our Junior Phenom event Saturday, he came back and put on a 21 point performance. Knocked down some key three’s, showing his range and one of several ways this kid can score. Remember, he is part of the 2020 class and already competing at this level.

#140 Jordan Perkins

  • What a point guard he is in the class of 2017. He is so smooth with controlling the point and makes some moves look so simple. His ball handling stands out immediately but this kid can do a lot for his team. Underrated point guard in North Carolina.

#190 Jamahri Harvey

  • Young man in the 2019 class has length written all over him. Playing for Freedom Christian, he uses that length to do multiple things on the court and finds unique ways to get into the paint. Harvey is just another 2019 that really impressed us this weekend.

#177 Blake Harris

  • We have had the pleasure to watch him for quite some time now and he always impresses us when he is on the court. There is no doubt that he is one of the top guards in the nation and he showed it again this weekend. He showed that he can get his teammates involved with nice court vision, while scoring in several areas of the court.

# 229 Brandon Lamberth

  • Good size prospect for Dudley in the 2017 class. Showed he can play many of positions and consistently knocked down jumpers with a smooth touch. Hasn’t been a name many have heard but Lamberth is heading in the right direction.


Others Players that Caught Our Eye:

#155 Carter Collins

  • Always a talent and scoring machine

#187 Andy Pack

  • Jamie Shaw is a big fan of this young prospect from Northern Guilford

#214 Trey Cousins

  • Consistently scored throughout the day

#61 Zion Harmon

  • Another young talent, class of 2021. Showed that he belonged with the best out there

#231 Trejon Jacob

  • Millbrook star that will be a true leader for his team this year. Good length and certainly played the look of a Division I talent
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