Standouts, Matchups and Storylines

Group 1

Queen’s Grant
Ridge View

6’ 2017 Jayln McGill (Olympic)

McGill is a very fast lead guard. He is quick into the lane and a confident leader of his guys. As his season wore on last year, he improved each time out. He will be the unquestioned leader this year, it is going to be great to see how his game improved.

6’6” 2017 Kaiden Rice (Ridge View)
Honestly, we are not sure how Rice fits on his varsity team. However, he was a force that could not be slowed down during AAU. Rice averaged over 20 points per game at the Phenom Challenge and was scoring at three levels. We are interested in seeing how that translates over.

6’3” 2017 Andrew Ziegler (Olympic) Vs 6’6” 2017 Kaiden Rice (Ridge View)

Rice is a smooth scorer with deep range and great length. Ziegler is more of a tenacious but compactly built athlete. Both players are very confident in what they do, if Rice can get off he could go for 30 easily. However, with the way Ziegler defends, that may be tough (and he could go for 20 of his own).

Voyager Vs Olympic
Both of these teams are very scrappy and very fast. Olympic is more of a downhill type team, while Voyager is a more perimeter oriented, shooting team. Both teams have talent and depth and it will be interesting to see which team is able to, not only dictate the pace, but stop the opposing team from doing what they’re most comfortable.

The small guys versus the powerhouses. Both Queen’s Grant High School and Voyager Academy are small 1A schools. Both Ridge View and Olympic High Schools are larger 4A High Schools. It will be a great tale of David versus Goliath, with each team having a chance to pull out the victory.

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