Standouts, Matchups, and Storylines

Group 1

Lincoln Charter
Roxboro Community

7’1” 2016 Raekwon Long (Lincoln Charter)

Long has been on the radar for quite some time, but he is finally coming into his own as a player. The game is slowing down for him, and his skill level is catching up to his massive size. Really look for Long’s recruitment to take off, he will always pass the eye test.

5’9” 2017 Darius McGhee (Roxboro Community)
Not many have heard of this kid, however that should change quickly. He is a blur with the ball, and flat out exciting to watching. McGhee can score at all three (3) levels and has great vision. Watch for a breakout.

6’5” 2016 Trey Carver (Northwestern)
Carver is a very sturdily built wing. While his frame is that of a linebacker, he is very adept at scoring the ball. Carver has a smooth stroke with deep range. He is also very vocal on defense and likes sticking his now in to rebound. Carver carries multiple offers, and should add to that list the more he is watched.

6’5” 2016 Faison Brock (Millbrook) Vs 6’5” 2016 Trey Carver (Northwestern)

This matchup is a classic length against strength. Faison Brock is one of the better wing defenders in the state. Brock collects steals, blocks, and deflections throughout the course of the game and is all out. Carver is one of the better scorers in the state. He is a shot maker with range. It will be interesting to see who imposes their will on the other.

5’11” 2018 Kody Shubert (Lincoln Charter) Vs 5’9” 2017 Darius McGhee (Roxboro Community)
These are two of the best guards in the Mid-Atlantic region that are not household names yet. Shubert led his Lincoln Charter HS team to the Final Four of the NCHSAA State Playoffs with a stat line of 19 points, 5 boards, 4 assists, and 4 steals. Prior to being undercut and fracturing his elbow and forearm, McGhee was averaging 28 points and 4 assists per game. This match up may be one of the more exiting ones in the state.

This grouping has a lot of talented youth. Both rising sophomore Kody Shubert and rising junior Darius McGhee have been spoken about. Northwester has 6’2” rising freshman Shawn Walker Jr and 6’4” rising sophomore DaMar Sutton. Millbrook carries 6’ rising junior Jordan Whitfield. Each of these players are tracking in the top part of their respective classes and are certainly ones to take note of here.

The sheer size of 7’1” rising senior Raekwon Long is noteworthy, as no other team in this bracket really has size. It will be interesting to see how Long is able to impose his own will against gimmicky game plans against him. He should get used to it this year, he’ll see it a lot.

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