July is going to be fun, especially with Phenom Hoops.  That is why we are getting just a small head-start on the teams and players that will be in attendance for the Summer Havoc.  Here, we look to preview just a few names to watch for throughout the weekend in Rock Hill, with many others stepping up their game in front of college coaches.

CP3 2024

The future looks extremely bright in North Carolina… and the reason why is these are several players that you will be hearing a lot more with college coaches and their recruitment. Some already hold Division 1 offers but there is a good bet that these will be some of the top players in the 2024 class and they can all be seen on CP3 2024.

Where do you start with this team'  Everywhere you look, talent can be found.  2024 Bryson Cokley, who will be heading to Christ School next season, is quickly being recognized with his size and skillset, which is why schools like Wake Forest and UC San Diego have already offered the young prospect.  2024 6’4 Bishop Boswell is a combo type guard that has a tremendous feel with the ball in his hands, whether it is initiating the offense, pushing the ball in transition, or scoring the ball effectively with his size and feel. 

2024 Hampton Evans has been in the spotlight at Greenfield and makes such a big impact on the court, whether scoring, rebounding, defending, etc.  He certainly isn’t afraid of the spotlight and is already on the radar for college coaches.  So is 2024 6’9 Isaiah Sutherland, as the young big man makes his presence known on the floor, whether it is being a rim-protector, a rebounding force, or stepping out and scoring in an array of ways.

2024 Kobe George is one we recently wrote about, being a leader on the court that brings a ton of energy; he already holds an offer from Rice and could quickly see more coming his way now being a leader for CP3 and The Burlington School.  His teammate at TBS, 2024 Zion Walker, also makes a huge statement as a two-way type player especially with his strength offensively and what he can provide on the defensive end. 

Two forwards, 2024 Lewis Walker and 2024 Maurio Hanson have quickly risen up the rankings and already are reeling in the offers. Two forwards that bring size, tremendous feel, and scoring ability inside and out, Hanson and Walker are going to be known names for many.

Lastly, 2024 Bobby Cannon and 2024 Jacob Lawton will be two intriguing prospects that bring a unique game to the floor. Cannon is a 6’8, long prospect that a unique skill set and physical tools; some that will immediately attract college coaches. Lawton is a spark-plug on the court and brings tremendous speed and quickness to the court, as well as his ability to knock down shots.

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