6’3” 2016 Joseph Battle
SC Elite / Abbeville HS

Battle was great all weekend, not only showing multiple ways to score but also playing with leadership and tough defense. Battle carries a 3.5 GPA and has D1 offers from Maryland Eastern Shore, Navy, and Citadel (along with 4 D2 offers). Battle was consistently one of the best in the event averaging over 20 Points and leading his SC Elite team to the 17U Big East Gold Championship.

6’4” 2017 TyShon Alexander
Team Charlotte

Just like in the Under Armour Finals, here Alexander was the best player on the best team in the event. He showed the ability to not only take over a game, but also close out a game. Alexander is very skilled, he is confident on the ball and scoring, and has deep range off the bounce and catch.

6’3” 2016 Seventh Woods
Carolina Wolves / Hammond School

Naturally, Woods had a lot of hype coming into the event. He recently made sure people knew his recruiting was wide open. During Championship Sunday, Woods had to go to the ER to get stitches to his face, but prior to that he played the point guard spot great. He led an upset run to beat UA Finals Champion Team Charlotte. Woods is an elite level prospect.

6’5” 2018 Zion Williamson
SC Hornets / Spartanburg Day

Williamson is a thickly built wing forward. In fact, he is quite unique as a player and prospect. Williamson is a highly explosive athlete and a very active defender. He has multiple steals and blocks per game. He also has solid handle in the half court, and ability to score in the mid range. Williamson, who carries a Clemson offer, is talented beyond his years and will look to have that offer list expand quickly.
See An Example of His Explosion With This Blocked Shot

6’3” 2017 Devontae Shuler
SC Hornets / Irmo HS

Maybe no one did more for their name through the month of July than Devontae Shuler. Shuler is an aggressive and confident scorer, who’s skill set reminds some of Baron Davis. Shuler is explosive, he plays 100% all the time, he scores at 3-levels, and he is a humble leader. With offers from South Carolina, Southern Cal, Clemson, and more expect his star to rise quickly.

6’5” 2015 Malik Constatine
Charlotte Impact / Catawba Commit

Already committed and signed with D2 Catawba University, Constatine was a little older than most of his opponents. However, he was also more skilled than a lot he went up against. Constatine is a tough lefty who is explosive and gets into lane to play above the rim. He played his best during the biggest games, going for 30 in both games on Championship Sunday.

6’3” 2016 Justin Kier
Spectrum Sports Academy / Spotswood HS

Kier has had a very good July, picking up an offer from Radford. This weekend at the Phenom Summer Havoc, he also added Winthrop and Coastal Carolina to the fold. Kier is a solid wing guard that affects the game in a lot of different ways.

6’8 2016 John Fulkerson
Tennessee Bobcats / Christ School

You first read about Fulkerson last year, on our website. Well now everyone knows about him. He had Mark Fox, Frank Martin, Rick Barnes, Buzz Williams, and many more in the stands watching. The lefty with a 7’1″ wing span did not disappoint. He showed touch, great explosion at the rim, and high level shot blocking ability. Fulkerson has offers from Tennessee, Duquense, Charlotte, George Mason, Appalachian State, Middle Tennessee, and others. He is a very intriguing prospect.

6’4” 2017 Jalen Cameron
UBA Red / West Florence HS

July was very good for Jalen Cameron. He played in a lot of very big games, with a lot of eyes on him, and he was able to step up to the plate each time. Cameron is a lengthy wing, who is very explosive. He brought the crowd to his their feet multiple times. Cameron carries a Townson offer, look for that to grow as more people see him with the bright lights.

6’5” 2016 Josh Howard
Providence Day / Team Charlotte

Production, Josh Howard goes out and produces. When his team needed a steal, Howard got it. When his team needed a board, Howard got it. When his team needed a bucket, Howard got to the free throw line. In fact, it was Howard that secured the offensive rebound and got to the free throw line to win the Championship game with 2 seconds left.

Others Who Garnered Consideration

6’4″ 2017 Kaleb Hunter (Team United EYBL)
6’ 2016 Bishup Walton (Team Vision)
6’5” 2015 Romaeo Ferguson (Upward Stars Raleigh)
5’11” 2016 Peyton Pappas (Mid State Magic)
5’7” 2016 Frankie Johnson (UBA Red)
6’5” 2015 Mike Baez (Charlotte Impact)
6’7” 2016 Devonnte Holland (Spectrum Sports)
6′ 2016 Adam Grant (Team Loaded 757)
6′ 2016 Pat Good (Tennessee Bobcats)

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