Ravenscroft started off strong, getting into the lanes, creating turnovers, and finish in transition, as they took a early lead out of the gate. Michael Okauru really played well for Ravenscroft in the first quarter, finishing at the rim multiple times. But Myrtle Beach fought back to cut the lead to 15-13.

Myrtle Beach tried to use some time to find good shots and were able to get easy basket in transition, but the play of Okauru and Dubose seemed to be too much in the first half. Okauru had 12 points in the first half, while Dubose led the way with 15 points. As a team as well, Ravenscroft was able to create turnovers (10) to create 16 points, which helped them get out to a 39-27 halftime lead. Jalen Matthews and Jaylen Johnson for Myrtle Beach played well to keep them in striking range with seven points apiece.

In the third quarter, the lead grew for Ravenscroft as they used a solid defensive effort to make any shot hard on Myrtle Beach, while continuing their good shooting day from the floor. Eventually the lead got up to 19 points in the third quarter.

The lead only Frewin the fourth as Myrtle Beach grew tired and Ravenscroft continued to get easy buckets in transition. It seemed that Ravenscroft just had a little too much talent combined with a very good shooting day for Myrtle Beach Christian to battle back.

Dubose and Okauru finished with a total of 47 points, with Okauru leading the way with 26 points. As a team, Ravenscroft shot over 50 percent from the floor, while Myrtle Beach shot 39 percent from the floor. Jaylen Johnson led the way with 15 points and six rebounds, while Luigi Piccione and Jalen Matthews had 11 each.



Junior Michael Okauru

  • Came in as the name to know for Ravenscroft, as he is a Top 80 player for Phenom and also participated in the NBA Top 100 this summer. He played well for much of the game and showed how gifted he can be. His game really played well when in transition and attacking the basket because he though he is 6’3, 6’4 listed, he can play much bigger than that and uses his athletic gift on both sides of the floor. In the second quarter, his game started to open and Okauru looks like a guy that once he gets on a role, the basket only get bigger, as he knocked down some threes.

Junior Ian Dubose

  • Another name that Phenom has been familiar with for quite some time now. Big frame forward that has really good speed and has a nice frame, though he only is 6’4. He was a big part of the first half, leading the way with 15 points and four rebounds, showing that he is a more than capable scorer. Dubose really just understands the game and takes what the defense gives him. Solid player overall and is a workhorse on both ends.

Senior Andrew Ejiofor

  • Played well for Ravenscroft on Day 1. Solid defender on the floor and one of the main ball handles for this team. Did a lot of his work getting to the lane and really finishing strong or creating opportunities for his teammates.


Myrtle Beach Christian

Freshman Mike Green

  • Really liked this young man’s competitive nature on the floor. His motor is always on and likes to use his game on the perimeter but also showed that he can use nice footwork to finish towards the rim. He really has some nice handles which he can use to get his opponents going the wrong way before he knocks down the outside shot. Really liked his smooth shooting mechanics and this young man really could shine this year for this team.

Freshman Jalen Matthews

  • One of a few talented freshman this Myrtle Beach team has. Matthews is a built guard that could certainly grow into a taller frame. But what he showed today is that he is a talent to keep an eye on. Strong build, plays under control and to his strong suits, and was a versatile player on the court. Loved him in the transition game, then showed that he has no issue knocking down the perimeter shot. Also has a good size wing span, which helped him on defense, blocking a few shots and getting out in the passing lane.

Sophomore Luigi Piccoine

  • Piccoine was the third guard that had a very good Day 1 at the Phenom Showcase. He was strong with the ball in his hands and was tough getting to the rim, even with a defender all over him. Smooth stroke when he has time and was also able to find ways to get to the rim, just needs to finish stronger when he has the chance. He finished with 11 points, going 4-for 8 from the field and 3-for 6 from three.
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