Last year was the year that everyone ticketed Durham’s Voyager Academy to have a special year. They had a top 100 junior, the school’s all-time leading scorer, and a slew of college level kids playing their roles. However, last year they fell short in the NCISAA 1A State Final Four.

This year, gone is Chris Sause (the school’s all-time leading scorer) to NC Wesleyan. However, everyone else is back and they bring in a new contributor in the back court. Look for a lot of threes and some very high scoring events.

Voyager will be playing in the Phenom High School Showcase on November 7.

The Big Dog
It was around this time last year that 6’10” Jay Huff’s name began to circulate. He was first seen by most at the NC Phenom 150 camp and then in the Phenom High School Showcase. It was then that he became a consensus Top 100 player and then Huff became a hot name on the trail. Huff, who has committed to Virginia, is a very unique talent. He has range well beyond the 3-point arc, his length and athleticism allow him great timing on defense, and he has the handle to push the break and in the half court.

The New Star
Last year 5’9” Junior Jordan Beale played on a JV team. He played local AAU basketball and didn’t create much fan fare. That should all change soon. Beale is very reminiscent of former Eastern Alamance point guard Junior Robinson. If you remember the 5’7” Robinson he scored 2,228 career high school points and started every game as a freshman for Mt St Mary’s last season. Beale is cat quick, with a tight handle to get where he wants on the floor. He has consistent, deep range and explosion at the rim. This one is under the radar, and very good.

The Constant
When talking about the best shooters in North Carolina 5’9” Senior Chance Greene is at or near the top of the list. The lead guard carries deep range, and a swagger and craftiness about him that produces against guys much bigger. Greene is a constant with multiple D3 schools in at every practice, he also has D2 schools looking in. There is a lot to like with him.

The X Factor
Last year, through stretches there were times that 6’6” Senior China Jones looked like a D1 prospect. There were also times that you didn’t even notice he was on the floor. This year, Jones is a year older and will be tasked to slide into the ever productive spot that Chris Sause left behind. Jones is now a senior and a leader, it is time that the lengthy explosive Jones find consistency.

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