22 Ft Academy has a great set up. They are set up to attend classes at local Shannon Forest, they are housed in a nice facility, and they play ball at a great church location that has a workout facility. Consequentially, the program has enough talent to field competitive Post Grad, National, High School, and JV teams.

During the open gym we really focused on the National team. We were joined on the sidelines by Tennessee, Baylor, Winthrop, and Citadel and rightfully so because there was a lot of talent on the court.

We are very eager for 22 Ft Academy’s National team to attend our National Showcase. They will have a couple of prime time match ups and the kids will have an opportunity to get the exposure they deserve.

The Known Name
6’8” Senior Darius Hicks has been a known name for a while. His aerial exploits have been things of legend in Mississippi, and consequentially he has received offers from the likes of Ole Miss, Minnesota, Georgia Tech, Southern Miss, etc…Hicks has been working hard on his overall game, and showed a consistent 3-point touch in open gym. Hicks is strong and explosive, and when he stays on the interior and boards with ferocity, he is a tough match up.

Upside Production
6’8” SanAntonio Brinson and 6’3” Aron Washington both really got going toward the end of practice. The two were teamed together and formed a 1-2 punch that won their team the final 4 games. Brinson is a very long wing who has great half court handle and a nice pull up game. Washington is a crafty scorer, who can get rolling in a hurry. Both players are high academic kids, and both guys should really expect their recruitment to take a boost.

Youth, Looking Forward
While there were post grad players and high major seniors on the court, it was 6’8” 2018 Kyle Rawson that was the best prospect on the floor. The lefty is able to grab rebounds and push the break. He showed touch at all 3 levels, including dunks in traffic. He also defended the post, with multiple blocked shots. As he continues to add weight, there is a lot to like with him.

The Gunner
There is no mistake what 6’5” Junior Max Hoekstra is, a long range sniper. The native of Holland can really shoot the ball, and when he is catching it squared up and ready you can almost count it. Hoekstra is a sneaky athlete with long arms as well, so he isn’t a defensive liability. One college coach watching stated, “This kid will be a pro overseas”. We tend to agree, his game is trending up.

The Changed Man
When people last saw 6’7” Senior Justin Miller he was winning the Kentucky state title and tipping the scales at 300 lbs. Now he has moved down to Greenville, South Carolina for his final high school year, which he will be starting at 240 lbs. Miller is a crafty lefty, who has great feel, touch, and vision. Miller’s recruitment will be intriguing, as he is a very productive below the rim power forward.

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