Providence Day Vs Mountain Mission
Saturday 3 PM

Key Matchups

Grant Williams Vs Jethro Tshisumpa
Power Vs Power…Skill Vs Rim Protector. This one will be an interesting matchup. While the 6’9” Tshisumpa is a mountain of a man, tipping the scales at a lean 260 lbs, he is also raw. The 6’7” Williams is very strong as well, but he is very skilled. He will be able to draw Tshisumpa away from the basket and make him guard and isolate Tshisumpa’s greatest strength. Both players are ranked in the Top 150 and both players had multiple high major offers throughout their process.

Devon Dotson Vs Keshon Montague
Tough and gritty PGs. One has a lot of recruitment going and the other is just getting started. The 6’1” sophomore Dotson carries offers from Clemson, Georgia, Rutgers, Tennessee and others. The 5’11” Montague played last year in Canada, but also played on the Adidas Gauntlet where he experienced a good run. Both guys are leaders, both guys are vocal, and both guys defend 94 feet.

Trey Wertz Vs Jakub Mijakowski
Again, you give the size advantage to Mountain Mission, but you cannot discount what Wertz brings to the table. The 6’4” sophomore Wertz carries an early offer from Richmond. He is long, can put it on the floor, and a sharp shooter. The 6’7” senior Mijikowski carries 6 offers from the likes of Bucknell and Grand Canyon. He also is a sharpshooter and carries good straight line athleticism. Should be a very interesting match-up.

Providence Day
Charlotte, NC
Head Coach Brian Field

Key Players
Grant Williams
6’7” Senior Forward

Williams is a very strong and very skilled forward. He has good strength and footwork in the post, but is able to impose his will drawing his man out on the perimeter. Williams is a good straight line athlete, and has great wing handle and range on his jump shot.

Devon Dotson
6’1” Sophomore Point Guard

Dotson started on 17s this summer for the Under Armour Finals winning Team Charlotte AAU squad. He is a tough minded point guard, who defends the length of the court and attacks on offense. He already has a frame that is close to college ready. Dotson is a Top 100 type player and carries Power 5 offers from Georgia, Tennessee, Rutgers, and Clemson so far.

Josh Howard
6’6” Senior Wing

Howard greatest attribute is that he is productive. He plays great defense, he rebounds his position, and he finishes from 18 feet and in. Howard, who is the son of 12 year NBA guy Juwan Howard, has played in a lot of big games and won many more times than not. He carries an offer from Missouri-Kansas City. Look for more to come, he is also a high academic.

Trey Wertz
6’4” Sophomore Shooting Guard

Wertz is grown up! Wertz has long carried a smooth shooting stroke. However, he was also a slender gangly kid. He is now filling out, his body is growing into his frame, and his confidence is at an all-time high. Wertz is a smooth shooter with a quick release. He can put it on the floor and finish in the mid-range. He carries an early offer from Richmond, and that level feels right.


Mountain Mission
Grundy, Va
Head Coach Pawel Mrozik

Key Players
Maciej Bender (West Virginia)
6’11” Senior Forward

If Bender was in the US over the summer (he played for his Polish national team) he would be in every Top 100 list. The skilled big has a huge frame and a diverse offensive skill set. His range extends beyond the 3-point line. His footwork is precise in the post. His hands catch everything in his area. His handle gets him from the wing to the basket against most comers. While his play at the Virginia Top 80 put him on many recruiting radars, this could be the weekend that propels Bender up recruiting rankings.

Jethro Tshisumpa (Arizona St)
6’9” Senior Post

There is not denying what Tshisumpa is and what he does. The 260 pound native of The Congo, is an elite rim and paint protector. In fact he may be the best at this, in the entire country. I hope the people at Forsyth Country Day have extra rims because Tshisumpa dunks hard

Harold Baruti
6’5” Senior Wing

Baruti came to the United States, from The Congo, as a raw and athletic 4 man. He has worked over the last two years to become a skilled and extremely athletic wing. Baruti has a smooth stroke with deep range, to go along with his ability to get out and run in the half court. Baruti has offers from SMU and UNC Wilmington. He is a Top 150 type of guy, and should pick up more interest in that range this weekend.

Jakub Mijakowski
6’7” Senior Forward

As one would expect, Mijakowski can shoot. He has deep range, confidence, and a quick release. The Polish native is also a very good rebounder and is a very good straight line athlete. He fills the lanes well and will finish above the rim both in transition and in the half court. He carries 6 offers from the likes of East Tennessee St, Bucknell, and Albany.

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