The class of 2017 certainly showed why people are excited in the state of Virginia.


Class of 2017

This weekend, Phenom Hoop Report hosted their first annual Virginia Top 80 Camp at Virginia Wesleyan College in Norfolk, VA. After scouting countless amounts of players throughout the year, our team invited Virginia’s “Top 80” players to showcase their talents to numerous scouts and a plethora of D2/D3 coaches. After thorough review, we put together a list of players that stood out the most in our eyes throughout several drills and scrimmages Sunday afternoon.

The list is as follows:

6’2” SO. Matt Coleman (Maury- Norfolk, VA):

Matt Coleman put on for the 757 this weekend! After watching Coleman progress through his young high school career, he has shown he could be one of the nation’s best.

He’s a shifty Point Guard with the ability to take control of the game at any given moment. Coleman displayed blazing speed along with phenomenal handles to blow by opponents and either lay it in with finesse or finish strong with a monstrous two-hand slam.

He can knock down the deep ball, stop on command and hit the mid-range shot, or draw countless amounts of fouls to get to the line for an easy two points. On the defensive side of the ball, Coleman plays lockdown defense and regularly forces turnovers.

Entertaining is an understatement when describing Coleman’s game. He literally blew us off our feet.

6’10” SO. John Salley (Benedictine- Richmond, VA):

John Salley was easily a fan favorite this past Sunday. Every time Salley touched the ball in the paint; the players and coaches went crazy. He isn’t the flashiest player and wasn’t the most skilled big there, but he showed enormous amounts of potential.

Salley has beautiful touch for a young gun and knows what it takes to get the job done. His long arms and stretched body allow him to rebound well over players almost twice his size. Salley displayed a positive attitude throughout the day and always had us on the edge of our seats.

Whenever Salley touched the rock, players knew he was going up strong. His post moves are lethal and his defensive game is even stronger. If he can add a little meat to his bones, Salley’s possibilities are endless. Also, the goggles are a magnificent addition big man!

6’9” SO. Ejike Obinna (Virginia Academy- Ashburn, VA):

Ejike Obinna is one of Virginia’s top emerging prospects for his class. The Virginia Academy all-star put his talents on display this weekend right from the start.

Obinna is a true big man.He works his way around the paint and always manages to find the ball. If the shot isn’t there, he kicks it out, regains position, and tries again. He has great hands and surprisingly good footwork despite not having a strong basketball background.

After watching Obinna work in a camp with a large abundance of skilled bigs, he easily stood out as one of the best. He protects the paint at all costs and rebounds well on both sides of the ball. Obinna, a Nigeria native, proved that his transition to the United States has already paid off.

He’s received attention from several D-1 programs and holds a scholarship offer from George Mason University. Obinna definitely has the potential to be a high-major caliber player. Keep an eye out for this hoss.


Aamir Simms– Blue Ridge School (St. George, VA)

Greg Jones– John Marshall (Richmond, VA)

Mastadi Pitt– Hampton (Hampton, VA)

Brendan Newton– Faith Christian (Roanoke, VA)

Lance Tebay– Bishop Sullivan (Virginia Beach, VA)

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