Northern Guilford
Lincoln Charter
Roxboro Community
Jack Britt

Northern Guilford
Greensboro, NC
Head Coach Bill Chambers
3A Mid-State League
17-9 (13-3)

Players to Watch
6’3” 2018 Andy Pack

Pack is an alum of the prestigious NC Top 80, and will look to have a break out season this year. He averaged 18 points per game in the recent NC Phenom 150 camp, going against some of the region’s best. Pack is a gritty wing, who has straight line athleticism, and deep range. D1 schools start monitoring now.

6’5” 2016 Jack Emerick
Emerick gets the job done. Last season he averaged 10 points and 7 boards per game, while shooting 55% from the field. He knows what he is, and what is role is and plays within himself. Should lead the team in most hustle state categories.

Others to Watch For
5’9” 2017 Jarrett Boyd

Lincoln Charter
Denver, NC
Head Coach Bradley Gabriel

1A Southern Piedmont League
24-7 (11-1)

Players to Watch
6’ 2018 Kody Shubert

Shubert was a one man wrecking crew as a freshman. The confident lead guard averaged 20 points, 5 boards, 4 assists, and 4 steals per game. Shubert carries deep range, vision, and swagger beyond his years. Look for those numbers to rise and for Lincoln Charter to make a run at the 1A west championship. Shubert is a sure fire D1 kid and should start having offers roll in soon.

6’1” 2019 Lavonte Knox
Knox broke out at the Phenom Summer Jam where he showed a confidence with the ball, and a first step that got him anywhere he wanted to go. Knox will be a focal point of this team, and should post some very good numbers as a freshman. His high school career, alongside Shubert, will be a fun one to track.

Others to Watch For
6’1” Senior Joe Fortkort, 6’8” 2018 Jahlan Johnson

Roxboro Community School
Roxboro, NC
Head Coach Justin Bettendorf
1A North Central Athletic League
18-9 (12-4)

Players to Watch
5’8” 2017 Darius McGhee

In case you haven’t had a chance to watch McGhee, I suggest you do so. He is worth the price of admission. McGhee is a quick twitch athlete, who can flat out get buckets. McGhee should comfortably average over 30 points per game this season, and do so with deep range and finishes above the rim. Over the summer McGhee showed that he is not only a scoring guard, but that he can also run a team. High Point has already offered, but look for more to come. He can go!

Jack Britt High School
Fayetteville, NC
Head Coach Ike Walker
4A Mid-South Atlantic League
15-12 (6-6)

Players to Watch
6’9” 2018 Immanuel Bates

Bates experienced a break out performance at Session 2 of the NC Phenom 150. He has a 7’5” wing span and a size 18 shoe, so there is promise of him reaching 7’. Bates is raw, however he has good timing and shows promise with touch on the offensive end. D1s start to monitor, this could be a late blooming stud.

6’ 2016 Nate Johnson
Johnson is a tough minded guard, who defends the ball with a tenacity. He is aggressive on both ends of the court and while his shot selection could use some fine tuning, you don’t want to turn down that aggression. If Johnson reaches consistency, he could be college guy

Others to Watch For
6’5” Senior Connor Lewis

Pool Storylines
Kody Shubert Vs Darius McGhee

What an exciting match up this will be! Both these players have skill beyond their age and swag beyond the size. Shubert and McGhee both averaged over 20 per game last season. Neither really pass the look test, but both lay hidden away in 1A Public School basketball. Not for long, this matchup is one to monitor closely, as perhaps the best match up of the day. Both players are D1 PGs and should put on a show from start to finish.

The Evolution of Immanuel Bates
Coming into Session 2 of the NC Phenom 150 camp, no one had heard of him. Leaving the camp, everyone that was in attendance was talking about him. Bates is raw, but will most likely end up as a legit 7 footer. What he is now, is a high level rim protecter. He finishes in the short corner, and he runs extremely well. This one will be good watch progress, a mix of this frame, this agility, and this motor don’t come around often.

Andy Pack, Welcome to the Map
Pack is an alum of the NC Top 80, and rightfully so. He is a sturdy wing, who is athletic and skilled. He can score from 3 levels and does so with an effortless swagger about him. Pack has great size for his age and position and will only get better. As a sophomore Pack finished in the top 10 in scoring at Session 1 of the NC Phenom 150 camp, a performance that should propel him in to a big season at Northern Guilford.

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