Phenom Hoops continues to highlight teams and players from this past weekend, and a team that we are familiar with over the years had another strong showing. Team Swish is a program that has performed well under the Phenom Hoops landscape, and that didn’t change as they took home a championship.  We learned a little about this year’s team but we are eager to check them out more this season.

2025 Ty Clark
2027 Gabe Clark
2025 Caiden Brewer
2025 Filip Pasek
2025 Jacob Pasek
2024 Ashton Dillon
2025 Jaden Palmore
2024 Xander Wachacha
2025 RJ Lacossade

Overall, this is a team that is very balanced and shows that they know what it takes to win. They share the ball very well, get everyone involved, and have players that can step up when called upon. Though still early in the summer, there were a few that impressed me this past weekend. 2025 RJ Lacossade is one to look at, as the 6’5 prospect brings a lot to the table with his size, versatility, and impact on both ends. He is an athletic forward who can guard and operate from multiple positions, scores effectively, rebounds well, and finishes strong at the rim.

2025 Jaden Palmore and 2025 Caiden Brewer were two others that stood out this past weekend. Palmore is a steady point guard who shows a high IQ, sees the floor well, and is a true floor general in getting others involved but also strong enough to create for himself as well as knock down shots. Brewer showed that he can be an effective weapon in scoring, knocking down shots, getting to the line consistently at times, and scoring from multiple areas.

Overall, this is a team and a program that continues to bring new names to the table, and they continue to rack up the wins.  I’m eager to see more of them this year, as they look to showcase their balanced team more and earn the attention of college programs.

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