October 11, 2015 N.C.Phenom Camp 150
Greensboro, N.C.
#121 Colin Molden 6’0 Sr.
Solid player! Shoots the ball extremely well with range. Good Basketball IQ! Handles the ball well.
#133 Travon Mayo 6’5 Jr.
Strong and athletic wing. Plays the game hard! Shoots it well. Tough kid who rebounds and runs the floor.
#140 Jordan Perkins 6’1 Jr.
Lefty with high Basketball IQ. Can be explosive when under control. Thick guard with deceptive handle.
#164 Sidney Sammons 6’2 Jr.
Promising off guard with 3pt range. Needs to be more aggressive!
#166 Rodney Johnson 6’1
Tough Pt.Gd. with solid fundamentals. Can get to the rack and finish. Shoots the ball well. Tough defender!
#171 Dylond Lindell 6’2 Soph
Solid Guard
#173 Josiah Jenkins 6’2 Jr.
Off guard with good athleticism. Runs the court and plays hard. Can really score the ball.Solid handle!
#177 Blake Harris 6’3
Can do it all! Athletic Pt.Gd. has the ability to get where he wants. Can really see the floor and find the open man. Scores the balls very well and plays hard.
#178 Garren Dearman 6’2 Jr.
Pt Gd. with solid overall skill set. handle and passes it well.
#193 Jonathan Gauer 6’3 Jr.
Athletic Guard with high IQ. Handles and scores the ball well.
#195 Derek Brandon ^’3 Soph.
Solid player with great upside.
#210 Marcotis Hall 6’4 Frosh.
Athletic guard with great upside.
#212 Justin Dula 6’4 Jr.
Athletic off guard. Runs the floor. Solid fundamentals!
#221 Solomon Smith 6’5 Jr.
#225 Qon Murphy 6’5 Soph.
Very athletic and strong wing. Runs the floor to dunk! Tough inside but prefers the perimeter.Shoots the ball with range.
#227 Oslbey Mercer 6’5 Jr.
Strong body kid that loves to take it to the basket. A slasher. Handles the ball well off 3-4 dribbles.
#228 Justin McKoy 6’5 Frosh
Very promising future for this Frosh. Can shoot the ball with range. Great hands.
#231 Trejon Jacob 6’5 Sr.
Lefty with very good athleticism ! Rebounds and runs well. Can score the ball from mid-range.
#240 JP Moorman 6’6 Jr.
Will be an outstanding player. Has the skill set to plays all facets of the game.
#248 Emmanuel Izunbor 6’8 Frosh.
While a bit raw offensively plays very hard! His best asset at this point is his aggression. Promising prospect!!
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