North Carolina’s Fall Phenom Exposure Camp Recap
Jason Porter’s Picks (Part 1)
By Jason Porter

For 14 years now the Phenom Hoop Report 150 has been one of the premier exposure events in the region. Thousands of players have made this event in that time with many using the experience to launch their recruitment. 180 hopeful prospects converged on Greensboro this weekend, here are some of the ones you need to know:

Isaac Sinclair, 6’ 2020 G at Chapel Hill HS – Isaac is a slick PG prospect with nasty handles. He impressed us over the AAU period this summer and continued to shine in this setting. He makes the plays you expect him to make as well as the ones no one sees coming. He is not just a pass first kid though as he can hurt you on offense as well. His speed and handles make him hard to deal with off the dribble and if you back off too much, he can hit from deep as well. Not many have heard his name or seen his game yet but rest assured, Isaac is a next level PG and has 3 years left to grow and improve. Don’t sleep on this kid.

Kevin Kayongo, 6’4 2018 W at Mountain View HS – Kevin impressed us from the start in the warm up line. The length, body, strength, and easy movements stood out. When the drills started, the athletic ability was put on display further confirming his spot as one to watch here. We called him over to ask him to jump up to see how high he can get on the glass and he left a hand print at the top of the square. Kevin shows decent handles for his size, a good looking stroke, and the strength needed to play at the next level as well. He was a pleasant surprise here at this event and is the type of athlete colleges could do well with.

Williams Onyeobi, 6’6 2019 F at Fayetteville Academy – Williams really impressed during the skills and drills portion of the camp. He is strong and explosive, easily getting up on the rim and dominating in the individual stations. We saw him shine in the ball handling station as well which is great to see in kid with his strength. He is the type of athlete you can play at multiple spots on the floor as well as in just about any type of system. If he is on the floor and playing to his strengths he will produce.

Davis Guyton, 6’6 2019 F at Myrtle Beach Christian – We had Davis in recently for the SC Top 80 so it was great to see him back in the gym with us here. Davis is a wide body forward that sets himself apart with a beautiful jumper that he can hit from basically anywhere in the halfcourt. Davis is not the bounce out of the gym freak athlete many schools look for but he is strong, fundamentally sound, and knows the game. His ability as a passer and as a shooter pulls your size away from the lane and creates openings for others to exploit. With the game moving more and more towards the shooters, Davis has to be one that gets a look.

Garrett Phillips, 6’ 2019 G at Holly Springs HS – We watched Garrett all summer long on the travel ball circuit and loved him every time we saw him go. This kid just gets the game and knows how to play it. He works well at either the 1 or the 2 as he is a nice shooter (loves the corner) but also has proven to be a sound decision maker at the PG spot. He is the type of player you want in the backcourt as he does not rattle easy and will make the plays that are there to be made. Garrett is the type of player that coaches can trust out on the floor and has the personality you look for in a leader in the locker room.

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