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POB’s Eye Catchers from NC Top 80

2022 Camian Shell: We have known what Shell can provide on the floor but really elevated his play at the NC Top 80. He was aggressive offensively, looked for his shot, initiated the offense, and of course, defended as well.  Really liked how he got his teammates involved but didn’t shy away from his outside game. 2023 Callum Richard: It seems to be coming along for the big man.  He is...

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POB’s Eye Catchers from Phenom Summer Showcase (Day 1, Part 2)

2023 Lamont’e Cousar (Watch Us Work): Cousar continues to elevate his game and rise up the rankings in my mind with his play. We are talking about a 6’6, sturdy body that can operate on so many levels. Whether it is being physical down low in the paint, step out and showcase his confidence with his perimeter game, or put the ball on the deck and get to the bucket, Cousar fills it up and has been...

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Deserving More Attention: Prospects in North Carolina’s 2023 Class

The class of 2023 in North Carolina is going to be an exciting one and fans are already talking about much of the talent.  You already hear some of the top names from around the state, playing on a national scene day in and day out, but many don’t realize just how deep this class could be and the amount of talent.  I’m going to look at six players (and there could be several more names...

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North Carolina Freshmen Making a Difference on Varsity

The talent in North Carolina is at an all-time high, and that is throughout all the classes in the state. The freshman (2023) class this season had some impressive showings, with some standout performances.

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