Phenom Hoops previews each team participating in the NC Top 80. We check out Team 3 here.

Team 3

The Name

6’9” Junior Edrice Adebayo (Pinetown Northside) – While many people have not heard of his home town, Pinetown, every school in the country knows about “Bam”. Blessed with a strong powerful frame, long arms, and an explosive base, Bam is an issue on both ends. His game is still expanding with his ball skills developing to the high post. Bam is already one of the best post defenders in the country. Bam is a Top 10 player nationally and a McDonald’s All American candidate.

The Dog

6’6” Junior Jevontay Milner (Burlington Cummings) – Milner is not a name that many people know, maybe no one, but his game is extremely productive. Milner is a high motor tough guy, that uses his length and “want” to make plays and get it done. Watch for Milner, he’ll produce.

The Player To Watch

6’4” Junior Davion Mintz (North Mecklenburg) – Mintz is a big point guard. He has great size, and plays with a calming poise that bleeds over to his team. Throughout this year, Mintz withstood the rigors of the MECKA conference, and led his team to two wins over West Charlotte. Mintz carries eight (8) offers, but again is someone that not many people know about…YET.

The Break Out

6’2” Junior Jordan Sheppard (Asheville Christian) – There is a lot to like about Sheppard’s game. First off he is very explosive, both with his first step and when attacking the rim. Sheppard, is smart in the half court as he runs the pick and roll very well seeing the game a play or two away. He also gets to the free throw line a ton, averaging over 10 free throws per game, and making around 85% of them. This is a name that could make a lot of noise.

The Knock Down

6’1” Junior Jack Konstanzer (First Flight) – Not sure anyone else in the state had a more productive season scoring, yet no one knows who he is. If you were able to catch a Konstanzer game this year, you saw a kid that was consistently able to score a three levels. He got his off the dribble, the pull up, and was virtually money from beyond the arc. Konstanzer does not pass the look test, but he faced double teams and junk defense all season and still averaged just shy of 30 per game.

The Human Highlight

(See Adebayo and Sheppard)

The Young Buck

6’4” Freshman Rechon Black (Concord) – Black is a big frame player that can do a lot of things on the court. He has a great frame, plays at a good pace, and attacks the rim with confidence. Look for “Leaky” to make the noise in this camp. With his match ups here, he will show that he is in the conversation for a top 5 player in the state.

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