The list of Top Wings certainly should have people buzzing about the future in NC.

NC Top 80 Standouts

Top Wings

The NC Top 80 brings together the 80 best players in the state, regardless of class, regardless of position. It allows the big name guys to jostle for ranking and even scholarships. It also allows the over looked guys to go right at the highest ranked kids to find their place.

This event was no different, however the common thread between all of them is they all competed. Every player touched the ball consistently, plays were made in the half court, and guys took pride in defense.

Today I am going to cover the Wing position. Here are the guys who showed out during the day:

6’5” Junior Brian McElveen – Elite Skills Academy – Team Winston

McElveen was a revelation in this camp, as not many people on our staff had heard of him prior to camp. He left camp making sure people knew his name.

McElveen is a skilled wing that can handle the ball in the half court that can make shots at multiple levels, and has the frame to be a high level defender. As mentioned above, McElveen is a new name, but is also one that college coaches need to take a serious look at, he’s good.


6’3” Sophomore Ian Dubose – Ravenscroft – Team United

Simply put, Dubose was great in camp. Coming in some questioned his position and how his game translates, but I think he quieted some of those question marks here.

Dubose is a very strong wing, who plays with a good pace when handling the ball. Dubose can get to the rim and rebounds very well for his position. He also is a highly competitive player that simply produces. He averaged 19 points in camp (good for third overall)


6’6” Freshman Aaron Cash – Word of God – TBD

Cash has a name that has some buzz around it, but he was buried on the bench for the nationally appreciated Word of God team. He used this Phenom Platform, however to make sure people knew that he was the real deal.

Cash is a playmaker from the wing position. He has a good wing handle, great length around the rim, and touch out to the three point arc.

Look for Cash to be a focal point, next year, for the nationally appreciated Word of God team.


6’6” Junior Jalen McManus – North Mecklenburg – TBD

McManus built up some buzz, from college coaches this past year. Coaches would come in to watch CJ Bryce (now committed to UNCW), and walk away impressed with McManus. He picked up about seven (7) offers spanning across the low to mid-levels.

McManus is at ease in the open court, as he is both crafty and athletic going to the rim. The three (3) dribble rule did well with McManus, he got rid of the ball and worked to get it back (off ball movement, rebounded, defense, etc…).


6’6 Sophomore David Caraher (Butler) – Chapel Hill HS – Team United

Caraher is a skilled, all out type wing. Caraher has always played with a chip on his shoulder and a huge motor. Over the past year, Caraher has developed his jump shot as a consistent asset.

As Butler University makes long runs and wins a lot of games, the phrase “Butler Way” gets thrown around a lot. Caraher’s personality and game embraces The Butler Way. It also needs to be mentioned that Caraher is a 4.0 student and a high character kid.


Other Standouts at the NC Top 80

Time To Notice The Game
6’6” Sophomore Kris Monroe – South Granville – Team United
Monroe is very strong, has great straight line explosion, and is very skilled. He shoots the ball with consistent range beyond the three-point arc, but also finishes high above the rim in transition. Because of his size, Monroe is asked to play the 4/5 on both his high school and AAU teams, but it is settings like this that show that Monroe’s future is as a power wing. Highly productive.

Above the Rim
6’2” Junior Zavian Jackson – Cummings – Brand X
Welcome to the big stage, Young Man. There were a few players that people left the gym talking about, Jackson was certainly one of those. Jackson is a high flying, human high light film. He started the day above the rim, and stayed there throughout. Jackson has the frame and dimensions to be a good defender and he has a nice handle from the wing position.

Defensive Stopper
6’5” Sophomore Rashad Dixon – Southern Durham – Brand X
Dixon carries a high motor and a 6’10” wing span that creates tips and deflections all across the floor. Offensively, Dixon plays above the rim, in fact he probably had the most eye-catching play of the day with a HUGE cock back dunk in traffic. Dixon finished averaging among the leaders in both steals and blocks.

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