#12 5’7” 2020 Nathan Tolbert of Granite Falls Middle School (Hudson, NC)
While playing as one of the younger guys in the camp, he showed a determined attitude. He possessed natural point guard skills with vision and the ability to knock down the 3-ball. Tolbert’s camp coach John Hopper stated, “Nathan was the only middle school kid on the roster, but he showed a lot of heart and effort. He has the potential to blossom into a good point guard. He has excellent vision and range.”

#33 5’10” 2017 Joshua Jenkins of Winston Salem Prep (Winston Salem, NC)
Jenkins came into camp with a great attitude, showing consistent effort on both ends of the floor. He played tough defense on the ball, and was able to make some shots within the flow of the game. Jenkins’ camp coach John Hopper stated, “Joshua is an extremely coachable kid and the ultimate competitor. He has decent ragne off the catch and was not afraid to accept challenges on defense.”

#36 5’9” 2019 Khymani Vera of Fayetteville Christian (Fayetteville, NC)
Vera had a great attitude through camp, as he looked for coaching and advice. He passed, rebounded and defended his position well and also made some shots. Vera’s camp coach John Hopper stated, “Khymani is a great kid and was extremely coachable. He is a decent ball handler and consistently a solid spot up shooter.”

#72 6’1” 2018 Bryant Randleman of Durham Academy (Durham, NC)
Randleman has good length and quickness, that he especially utilizes on the defensive end. He has a good handle, and is quick into the lane where he has sneaky explosion at the rim. Randleman’s camp coach John Hopper stated, “Bryant is a long and wiry athlete, he is a good and explosive guard off the dribble who has great quickness when its utilized.”

#92 6’1” 2018 Jerald Blue of Providence High School (Charlotte, NC)
Blue not only played hard but his effort bled through the team. He is a quick twitch guard with a solid handle and command of the offense. Blue’s camp coach John Hopper stated, “Blue has good potential and is ultra-competitive. He is a solid ball handler and competed hard for a freshman.”

#94 6’1” 2017 Reagan Cox of Cosby High School (Moseley, Va)
Cox showed to be a very coachable kid, along with being a natural leader at the point guard position. He saw the floor well and delivered on time passes, to his team mates. Cox’s camp coach John Hopper stated, “Reagan is extremely coachable and a solid spot up shooter. He possesses good court vision and passes the ball very well too.”

#139 6’3” 2018 Andre Pegues of Hoke County High School (Raeford, NC)
Pegues gave great effort in the little things. He is a very good “team guy” and rebounded the ball with strength and a high motor. Pegues’ camp coach John Hopper stated, “Andre is a strong and athletic kid. He rebounds out of his area really well. He is a force to be reckoned with.”

#142 6’3” 2016 Myron Prescott of Alliance Christian (Portsmouth, Va)
Prescott has a great attitude and embraced taking on a leadership role within the team. Prescott competed on every play, did a good job getting his team into sets, and defended the ball very well. Prescott’s camp coach John Hopper stated, “Myron possesses the intagibles of a great team leader. He competes at a high level and has a high basketball IQ.”

#168 6’5” 2017 Jeffrey Puckett of Avery County High School (Newland, NC)
Puckett was a breakout player in camp. With good length, skill, and new found explosion Puckett was able to finish, with consistency, at each level. He even had a few high light worthy dunks in traffic. Puckett has good range and a high IQ with the ball in his hands. Puckett’s camp coach John Hopper stated, “Jeffrey is a great finisher and rebounder. He has the ability to stretch the floor with his jump shot and create mismatches at certain positions. Jeffrey is the ultimate competitor and a great team guy.” D1 schools need to start recruiting him now.

#185 6’ 2017 Desmond Walls of Northwestern High School (Rock Hill, SC)
Walls is a very athletic and enjoys doing the little things on the court, rebounding, defending, etc…He gave great effort and energy throughout the day and was a spark plug whenever he was on the floor. Walls’ camp coach John Hopper stated,“Desmond is an athletic guard that takes pride in defending. He is extremely quick and good, downhill, off the bounce.”

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