#41 Elijah Sidbury

“Loved Elijah’s defensive presence. He was a pest on the defensive side of the floor and he sees the floor very well. He also showed that he could knock down the open jumper when he was left open. Elijah has a great attitude towards the game and is a great teammate. He certainly knows the game and what he can do.”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Effort, Team Play, Penetration ability, passing skills, defense on the ball, transition defense, quickness, footwork, vision and court sense


#90 Cameron Hamilton

Cameron can really score the ball. He shoots it pretty well but he needs to improve his movement without the ball. He players very hard on both ends of the court and can get to the basket. He showed that he has a great attitude towards the game and displayed that his range on his shot is above average along with his shooting mechanics and release time.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, acceptance of criticism, range of shot, catch and shoot, release time, shooting mechanics, ball handling skills


#95 Ahmad Jeffries

Ahmad can really score the ball when he wants to. He plays well with his teammates and does all the little things on the court that a coach needs and loves. It was a joy to have this young man on the court at the event and really excelled in several areas like penetration ability, ability to finish, quickness, footwork, and attitude.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, use of off hand, penetration ability, ability to finish, ball handling, quickness, footwork


#121 Colin Molden

“Colin was one of the better shooters on the team at the Phenom 150. He can score the ball in all areas of the floor. He needs to lock in on defense a little more but overall, he showed that he had a great attitude towards the game and he understands the game very well.”

Areas of Excellence: Basketball IQ, Range of shot, catch and shoot, release time, penetration ability, ball handling, passing skills


#131 Wilson Ford

Wilson was one of the most coachable players on the team and played like a teammate, both on and off the floor. His attitude towards the game was great and he played hard all the time. He showed that he could defend any position on the floor as well. Overall, he still needs to develop his overall ability but if he works hard in those areas, he certainly could be heading in the right way down the road.


Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Effort, Team Play, Defense on the ball, defense off the ball, use of off hand, range of shot


#140 Jordan Perkins

“Jordan handles the ball very well as a point guard and is in complete control of the game when the ball is in his hands. He can get into the lane at will when he wants with his ball handling and finish at the rim. He sees the floor very well as well. The sky is the limit for Jordan and he knows how to run his team. He is a true leader on and off the court.”

Areas of Excellence: Basketball IQ, Penetration ability, ability to finish, ball handling, passing skills, vision and court sense, range of shot, shooting mechanics


#213 Cooper Cunningham

Cooper was a tremendous shooter when he was on the floor. He also was a fantastic teammate and gave max effort when he was in the game. He really did give everything he had when he was playing. Once he gets better foot speed, he will score in bunches. We really did like how he shot the ball at the camp that Sunday afternoon and was his strong suit in his game.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Basketball IQ, Effort, Team Play, Range on shot (3pt), shooting mechanics, catch and shoot, rebounding


#225 Qon Murphy

Murhpy came in as one the highly touted prospects in the camp and it certainly showed that the sky is the limit for this young man, as he already holds an offer. He can be as good as he wants to be. He has great size for his position at 6’5 already and shows good strength as well at his position. When this young man is locked in and ready to roll, he can’t be stopped, scoring at will. He certainly showed that he will be a tremendous player at the next level.

Areas of Excellence: Basketball IQ, Use of off hand, penetration ability, ability to finish, passing skills, ball handling, rebounding his position, range of shot, defense, quickness and footwork


#241 Owen McCormack

“For such a young play, Owen handled himself well on the court. He didn’t back down to any player and with added strength, he certainly will be a good really good player. He runs the floor very well with his 6’6 frame and is one to watch down the road.”

Areas of Excellence: Acceptance of Criticism, Range of shot (2pt), Back to the basket moves, use of off hand, footwork, rebounding his position, moving without the ball.

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