#59 5’8” 2018 Ghage Kenan of Crossroads Christian (Franklinton, NC)
Kenan is a quick kid who has natural athleticism on the defensive end. He was able to defend, on the ball with a chip on his shoulder and a purpose. He has a great attitude and showed to be a willing team player. Kenan’s camp coach Coach Strong stated, “Ghage is a great kid and he works very hard on both ends of the floor.”

#60 5’8” 2018 Elijah Haynes of Chapel Hill HS (Chapel Hill, NC)
Haynes plays as a true point guard with a high basketball IQ and natural leadership abilities. Haynes gave great effort throughout the camp and showed a very high skill level with his range and passing abilities. Haynes’ camp coach Coach Strong stated, “Elijah is a very good little player and will only continue to get better. He can really shoot the ball and has a high bball IQ.”

#106 5’11” 2018 Vincent Brown of Ravenscroft (Raleigh, NC)
Brown can really stroke the 3-ball. He had a great attitude in camp and seemed to enjoy coaching and learning. Brown’s camp coach Coach Strong stated, “Vincent is a good kid with a passion for the game. He is able to really shoot the ball.”

#107 5’11” 2017 Anthony Bowers of Louisburg HS (Louisburg, NC)
Bowers has a great attitude toward the game and worked hard from the opening whistle to the close of camp. Bowers also showed a quick release and a confidence from beyond the arc. Bowers’ camp coach Coach Strong stated, “Anthony is a good kid and worked very hard during camp. He was a willing listener and will continue to improve over time.”

#154 6’1” 2017 Makhi Crawford of Ravenscroft (Raleigh, NC)
Crawford gave consistent effort and showed a good basketball IQ and team play. He has good quickness and footwork on defense and moved well without the ball. Crawford’s camp coach Coach Strong stated, “Crawford is a hard worker and has a high basketball IQ. He did a lot of good things on the floor.”

#155 6’1” 2017 Carter Collins of East Chapel Hill HS (Chapel Hill, NC)
Collins, a lefty, is an accomplished scorer. He is very crafty and can get where he wants on the floor, off the dribble. Collins is explosive at the rim, and carries deep range beyond the arc. Collins’ camp coach Coach Strong stated, “Carter plays hard and has a high basketball IQ.” Collins averaged 22.7 points per game here, he carries an early offer from Columbia. D1 schools need start getting by and seeing Collins now.

#159 6’2” 2017 Noah Taylor of Porter Ridge HS (Monroe, NC)
Taylor has a good frame and a confident stroke with deep range. He got off in one game for 6 threes, and made at least 3 in each game. Taylor’s camp coach Coach Strong stated, “Noah plays hard and you can tell he has a vigor for the game.” Coaches at the appropriate level should start paying attention to Taylor.

#160 6’2” 2019 Kevin Tate of Ardrey Kell (Charlotte, NC)
Tate displayed a great attitude as he was smiling the entire day. He has great hand eye coordination to go along with touch and range on his jump shot. Tate’s camp coach Coach Strong stated, “Kevin is young and will continue to improve. He has good size (for his age) and wonderful hands.”

#200 6’4” 2016 Jerome Thompson of Greensboro Day (Greensboro, NC)
Thompson is a very fundamental player. He shoots the ball well and is a leader on the floor. Thompson had a great attitude throughout the day. Thompson’s camp coach Coach Strong stated, “Jerome is a hard worker who shot the ball well and was very strong going toward the basket. Jerome set the tone of the team.”

#205 6’6” 2019 Roger Wilson JR of Leesville Road HS (Raleigh, NC)
Wilson is a big kid and has long arms and a solid skill set. He was able to score both at the rim and from the high post area. Wilson’s camp coach Coach Strong stated, “Roger is a big kid with a very good body. If he continues to progress and work, he has a chance to be a very good player.” Wilson is one to place on your SIM Card and start watching now.

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