# 40 Jaelen King – 5’4

“Jaelen made good passes and found open people on a regular basis. Jaelen passed up tough looks to keep teammates happy. He played excellent on ball defense and in help side. He also hit open looks form the three point range. He is very good at seeing plays develop and making subtle adjustments to create space for himself or teammates.”

Areas of Excellence: Effort, Team play, Use of off hand, Transition defense, vision and court sense, catch and shoot, shooting mechanics, passing skills

#68 Ali Haynes – 6’2

“Ali shot the ball very well from the corners and mixed ina few from above the key. He did a good job moving to the front of the rim to score when his man turned his head. Defensively, he was good off the ball and shooting passing lanes.”

Areas of Excellence: Team play, range of shot (3pt), Catch and shoot, release time, defense off the ball, passing skills


#70 Kendyl Lloyd – 5’9

“Kendyl competed all day. He was able to adjust to the pace of the play during the second game and it showed by his ability to score more baskets. Kendyl was really good on team defense in full court and half court. He was very coachable and made adjustments during the day and became more comfortable making play for teammates.”

Areas of Excellence: Team Play, Catch and shot, defense off the ball, transition defense, moving without the ball, passing skills, rebounding


#91 Robert Guyton – 5’11

“Robert played very good on ball and team defense. He set up teammates on purpose when they were on hot shooting streaks. He also showed an above average IQ when he was the primary ball handler. When off the ball, Robert set screens and remained active.”

Areas of Excellence: Team play, release time, shooting mechanics, footwork, vision, ball handling skills, passing skills, quickness, use of off hand


#98 Ahkeem Lawson – 6’6

“Ahkeem was physical and aggressive on defense. He held JP to only 13 points. He competed at the rim on both sides of the ball. Ahkeem showed the ability to step out to the three point line and make shots. He mixed in nice inside moves and outside shots. Ahkeem competes and is a willing passer out of double teams. Better than average rebounder outside of his area.”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Effort, Team play, back to the basket moves, ability to finish, defense on and off the ball, moving without the ball, range of shot


#122 Javan McBride

“Javan did a really good job accepting coaching after Game 1. He made adjustments to take better shots and to create more for his teammates. Once he did that, he started to fire shots off ball movement and dribble drives. Defensively, he always found the best player on the other team. He was aggressive of the ball in the passing lanes also.”

Areas of Excellence: Effort, Penetration ability, passing skills, quickness, footwork, team play, shooting off the dribble, use of off hand, ball handling, transition defense


#130 Tai Giger – 5’11

“Tai played a very smart floor game. He did not force shots or over dribble. He realized early what his teammates did well and he helped them to be successful. Tai made open shots from all three levels and never forced shots. Defensively, he played very tough on ball defense and he was constantly talking to his team and staying engaged.”

Areas of Excellence: Effort, Team Play, Range of shot, Release Time, Shooting Mechanics, Defense on and off the ball, ability to finish, vision and court sense


#139 Timothy Thorne – 6’1

“Timothy is very aggressive offensively. He is a very confident shooter with a nice range on his shot. He has the mentality that every shot is going to go in. He also plays hard defensively and competes all over the court. He did a good job at rebounding with undersized team.”

Areas of Excellence: Defense on and off the ball, Transition defense, quickness, Range of Shot, Ability to finish, Rebounding his position


# 191 Zay Martin – 6’2

“Zay was phenomenal today. He competed on both sides of the floor. The 6’2 freshman showed high level athleticism with six dunks over three games. He also competed with larger players on the glass. He did an excellent job helping and being involved defensively. Really good teammate.”

Areas of Excellence: Effort, Team Play, Penetration Ability, ability to finish, rebound his position, passing skills, quickness, vision, shooting mechanics


#214 Trey Cousin – 6’4

“Trey shot terribly the first game so he became more aggressive attacking the offensive glass and by moving to get easy shots. Game two though, he started to his shots and made five three pointers and continued the other aspects of getting easy shots for 24 points. Trey rebounds well on offensive end and took two charges. Really good team player and high level catch and shoot.”

Areas of Excellence: Effort, Range of shot, catch and shoot, back to the basket moves, ability to finish, moving without the ball

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