Team 3: Jarmel Baxter

No. 33 6’5 ’18 John Newman (Greensboro Day School/NC)

What’s not to like about the athletic and skilled wing. Coach Baxter stated it best, “John Newman is a big time player, can do it all! He has a really high motor and plays hard.” Overall, John Newman is tracking at a HM level. He has the ability to dominate both ends of the court and has really developed a superb mid range game. More importantly, Newman understands team concepts and is outstanding in team defensive philosophies. Avg. 20 PPG

No. 39 5’2 ’19 Brian Free (Ragsdale/NC)

First of all, Brian uses his quickness and size to his advantage especially on the defensive end of the court. He puts tremendous pressure on the opposing ball handler. Coach Baxter stated, “Brian is a really good kid that can get it done. Great defensive player! He can score but loves to get others involved.” Brian demonstrated excellent leadership and displayed a tremendous attitude throughout the day. Don’t let his size fool you; this young man has game!


No. 67 5’9 ’17 Aaron Steward (West Carteret/NC)

Aaron exhibited an exceptional attitude and played well in the team structure. He played “within” his abilities and didn’t try to do things he was not comfortable with. Coach Baxter stated, “Aaron showed glimpses of potential but will need to continue working on his current skill set. He was a good listener and accepted constructive feedback well.”


No. 93 5’10 ’16 Austin Christoff (White Oak/NC)

Austin gave maximum effort and exerted energy throughout the day especially on the defensive end of the court. He done a lot of little things well and plays well within the team concept. At camp, he showed he has the ability to become a superb defensive player. Coach Baxter stated, “Austin is a good kid that can really get it don. He plays really hard. Austin can really defend the ball, but will need to get stronger in order to finish better around the rim.”


No. 124 6’0 ’17 Gerard Lawhorne (Fairfield Central/SC)

Gerard comes to play and does make things happen. He is really scrappy and plays with a lot of energy and passion. Coach Baxter stated, “Gerard can really get after it, although he will need to learn to play hard all the time.” Overall, Gerard prefers to attend the rim on the offensive end of the court. He uses his speed/quickness extremely well and could become an impact player defensively.

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