No. 16 5’8 ’17 Dion Johnson of SE Raleigh Magnet (Raleigh, NC)

Johnson demonstrated a highly efficient jump shot the entire day. We were impressed with is range, shooting mechanics and quick release. Coach Addie stated, “Johnson was fearless and wasn’t afraid to shoot it in the clutch.” The next step in his development due to his size is to work on his ball handling/PG skills and dribble penetration. That way he could create more opportunities for his teammates. That being said, Johnson exhibited a tremendous attitude and rarely tried to force shots. His shot selection was excellent and hit a high percentage for the day.


No. 19 5’8 ’19 Chase Praeger of Hough HS (Cornelius, NC)

Without question, Praeger is the consummate PG. He is a pass first PG that understands how to play the game, but more importantly get his teammates involved in the offense. He is a coach on the floor with his knowledge, IQ and understanding of the game. Coach Addie stated, “ Praeger has a very high basketball IQ and his pull up jumper is very good. At times, he can be too unselfish.” While not all the things will show up in the stat sheet, the biggest compliment we can give Praeger is he is “simply a winner!”


No. 86 5’11 ’18 Chris Jackson of Queens Grant (Charlotte, NC)

Jackson combines an advanced skill set with an abundant of athleticism. We were impressed with his overall work ethic and how hard he played throughout the day. He competes and values winnings and will do all the little things that are important in doing so. Coach Addie stated, “Jackson has great ball handling skills. He penetrates extremely well and finishes at the rim well.” Jackson has such a smooth and fluid game and doesn’t’ always get the credit for his crafty play, especially on defense.


No. 87 6’1 ’17 Noah Clemons of Queens Grant (Charlotte, NC)

Clemons is a very strong ball handler and has the ability to create this own shot off the dribble. He has good range and uses his athleticism nicely on both ends of the court. Coach Addie stated, “Clemons is such a productive player but has a tendency to get down on himself when things don’t always go well.” Naturally that will change with more confidence. That being said, Clemons has the skills and athleticism to be a really outstanding high school player.


No. 107 6’1 ’17 Brian Stanley of Christ the King (Huntersville, NC)
Stanley demonstrated an outstanding attitude and team first approach to the game. He has advanced understanding of the game, high basketball IQ, and is always giving maximum effort. Coach Addie stated, “Stanley has a beautiful jump shot. He penetrates well and has good court sense/vision.” The next step in his development is to off on his “off/left hand” so he can make offensive moves in either direction. Currently, he is right hand dominant but that didn’t stop Stanley to be an effective scorer off the catch or the dribble.


No. 113 6’2 ’19 Josiah Flanagan of Calvary Baptist (Winston-Salem, NC)

Flanagan has good shooting mechanics, but more importantly can score from the perimeter or on the interior. For his size, Flanagan has excellent back to the basket moves and rebounds extremely well for his size/position. He’s a blue-collar worker and anticipates missed shots for rebounds and has a tendency to get his hands on a lot of loose balls. The next step in his development is to work more on his ball handling and perimeter skills, which will enhance his stock and value at the next level.


No. 116 6’2 ’19 Chaz Gwyn of W-S Prep (Winston-Salem, NC)

Gwyn is blessed with good athleticism, advanced skills, and an equally impressive attitude on the court. He played with good emotion and intensity and demonstrated a team first approach to the game. Gwyn has the ability to step out beyond the 3-point line and consistency knock down 3-pointer jump shots. Coach Addie stated, “Gwyn is a good catch and shoot player with excellent athletic ability. He does need to get to the rim more since he has great handles.” Gwyn has the attributes and intangibles to play at the next level. He plays with maturity and poise.


No. 126 6’3 ’18 MJ Armstrong of Gaston Day (Gastonia, NC0

Armstrong has a huge upside. He has a strong frame/length with superior athletic ability and an improving skill set. All the ingredients are there for Armstrong and it’s just a matter of time! Coach Addie stated, “Armstrong has a nice touch on his jump shot. He sometimes disappears during the game which is surprising since he has the ability to be so dominant.” He is a very unselfish player and could be somewhat more assertive, which is a good problem to have. Not often, do we have to write that about a young player. Armstrong is still learning the game and once the light switch goes off, he has the ability to be one of the better players in the state for his class.


No. 151 6’4 ’18 Jamarius Burton of Phillip O’Berry (Charlotte, NC)

Burton is a tremendous athlete with incredible bounce. He is one of the better finishers at the rim regardless of class. He has power, strength and the explosiveness that is not often seen for a player so young. Coach Addie stated, “ Burton is a major problem in transition. His handles are very good and he punishes defenders when they reach. Tremendous body, good court vision!” With all the individual accolades that have come his way, he is vastly underrated as a team player. He has all the potential to be a high major prospect. Burton has all the ingredients and once he fine-tunes his perimeter jumper, the sky is the absolute limit for this impressive young player.


No. 178 6’9 ’19 DJ Burns of York Prep (Rock Hill, SC)

It’s really hard to believe Burns is only a freshman. He has an unbelievable feel for the game, unprecedented attitude on and off the court, and an advanced skill set that is not often seen for someone his age/grade/size. Coach Addie stated, “Burns has a great offensive touch around the basket. His offensive moves are above his age He uses his backboard to make his game dominant at times.” Burns has a tremendous ceiling and is also an excellent student. He gets it done on and off the court and his classroom work ethic spills over to the hardwood. Without question, he is a special young man and talent!

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