No. 6 5’6 ’19 Gavin McKinnley of Mitchell HS (Spruce Pine, NC)

Coach Poplin stated, “McKinnley had a great attitude all day. As a young player, he continued to play hard and move well without the ball. His efforts and attitude made him a pleasure to coach.” We were impressed with his ability to handle the ball and make correct reads and passes. He was a team first player who demonstrated unselfishness. That being said, McKinnley knocked down shots on a consistent basis especially in a catch and shoot situation. Last, McKinnley played tough man-to-man defense and showed toughness and grit throughout the day.

No. 22 5’9 ’16 Josh Brodowicz of Charlotte Catholic (Charlotte, NC)

Coach Poplin stated, “Brodowicz showed great leadership with our group today. The best overall attitude and showed a high basketball IQ. He seemed to always make the right decision with the ball.” Brodowicz played great team ball. He showcased his advanced ball handling and passing skill set. While he has the ability to create his own shot off the dribble, we were impressed with his range out to the 3-point line. In addition, Brodowicz played hard nose defense and rebounded well for his size/position. His intensity and tenacity will make him a great prospect.

No. 31 5’10 ’19 Marcus Gannon of Woodbury HS (Woodbury, TN)

Coach Poplin stated, “This was a great experience for Marcus. As a 2019 player, he has a chance if he continues to work and develop into a nice guard. He is a very good ball handler with a solid handle that allows him to get to the basket.” We were also impressed with his fortitude on defense. Gannon was an outstanding defender and played with an edge. The next step in his development is to continue working on his footwork and lateral quickness. In addition, he was very effective off the “catch and shoot” and score from multiple spots on the court.

No. 74 6’0 ’18 Dajuan Taylor of Western Alamance HS (Elon, NC)

Coach Poplin stated, Taylor has tremendous potential. He is long and athletic. He has a great attitude and is willing to listen and receive coaching. Taylor plays with a high motor and has a high basketball IQ. He does a good job of dribble penetration and has the ability to score off the bounce/dribble. We really liked his midrange jumper and ability to beat his man off the dribble. His defense was extremely tough on and off the ball. Taylor’s an aggressive player that flat gets after it and plays to win. With Taylor, there’s no middle ground. He’s all in and that is with tremendous effort and energy.

No. 83 6’3 ’17 Blake Harris of Word of God (Raleigh, NC)

Coach Poplin stated, “ Blake is an extremely talented player. He is a true pass first unselfish PG who can still score and guard the ball. He has a tremendous handle and can drive and finish with either hand. He has great vision to see the whole floor and has a very high basketball IQ.” We have watched Harris many times at our event and each time he has stepped up to the challenge. His game is expanding and sports a great attitude and really enjoys getting his teammates involved. Harris has tremendous length, quickness and athleticism and is definitely tracking as a HM point guard.

No. 96 6’1 ’16 Uriah Dickerson of Alliance Christian (Portsmouth, VA)

Coach Poplin stated, “I love Uriah! He is a high motor player who is always looking for a chance to play with energy and desire. This attitude allows him to get loose balls and garbage baskets. He seems to have a good understanding of how to play the game.” In addition, Dickerson has a beautiful blend of athleticism, skills and a high basketball IQ. He knocked down shots on a consistent basis and showcased the ability to score from all levels on the court. He could occasionally step out and hit a 3-pointer, but was really impressive for attacking the basket. Dickerson is quite effective at creating his own shot off the dribble and set up teammates with his dribble penetration.

No. 144 6’3 ’18 Isaac Suffren of Myers Park HS (Charlotte, NC)

Suffren came into the camp with little to no hype and no fanfare. However, that went out the window after watching him play for one game. Coach Poplin stated it best; “Suffren definitely put himself on the map as one of the top players in the North Carolina 2018 class.” What’s even scarier, Suffren is just scratching the surface and still has tremendous growth potential' He can score from any level on the court. He has excellent range out to the 3-point line and the ability to create his own shot off the dribble. While he could score with ease, Suffren has advanced ball handling and passing skills, which makes him effective as a scoring PG. Go ahead and put him in your SIM CARD. He is definitely one to watch/monitor.

No. 150 6’4 ’20 Christian Bailey of Statesville Christian (Statesville, NC)

Bailey had a phenomenal day at camp. Only an eight grader, he is able to show a variety of offensive skills in his arsenal. He can shoot consistency out to 15 feet and showed the ability to shoot off the catch. Coach Poplin stated, “Bailey also has the ability to create his own shot off the dribble. He can dribble penetrate with either hand and is a willing rebounder. As he continues to grow and progress, he could be unstoppable down the road.” We were also impressed with his ability to guard multiple positions. More importantly, Bailey has an impressive attitude on and off he court. As one of the younger players in camp, Bailey put his handprints as a player to be reckoned with in the 2020 class.

No. 181 6’7 ’18 Shakur Daniel of Carlisle School (Canada)

Daniel is a player that will be mentioned in the national conversation as a top-level prospect. He plays like an experienced veteran even though he is just a sophomore. Coach Poplin stated, “Daniel has a great attitude and a willingness to learn from constructive criticism. He plays with a high motor and is a great team player. He showcased tremendous range and event knocked down 3-pointers on a consistent basis. In addition, Daniel had a knack for getting teammates open and making the correct pass at the correct time. When he attacks the basket, he is very tough to contain.”

No. 182 6’4 ’17 Gabe Osabuohien of Carlisle School (Canada)

Simply put, Osabuohien has the potential to be a big time player. He has athleticism, advanced skill set and a tremendous understanding of the game. Coach Poplin stated, “Osabuohien attitude and coachability make him a threat to reach his true potential. He plays with a high motor and can be a force at any given time. Osabuohien has good range and showed he can create his own shot off the dribble. “For his size/position, we were impressed with his court vision and play making ability.

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