No. 4 5’6 ’19 Jamael Carter of EE Smith HS (Fayetteville, NC)

Carter demonstrated flashes of his ability in his second game of the day. The southpaw showcased a soft shooting touch and drained five 3-pointers for team high 20 points. Carter has a good feel for the game and the ability to beat defensive pressure and double teams. Coach Cherry stated, “Carter has a lot of potential. The next step for him is to be more consistent with his intensity level.” He has good quickness and crafty ball handling accompanied with the ability to knock down long-range perimeter shots.


No. 25 5’9 ’18 Christopher Hill of Hough HS (Huntersville, NC)

We really like the potential of Hill. He has an uncanny feel of the game and understands spacing, passing, angles and defensive positioning. Coach Cherry summed it up best by stating, “Hill has clearly been taught how to play the game the right way. He’s a lefty who is an exceptional ball handler and knows how to get his teammates involved in the game.” More importantly, we were impressed with his hard-nosed approach to the game and how hard he competes. He can put tremendous ball pressure on the opposing player and understands how to play team defense.


No. 54 5’11 ’17 Dylan Zagurski of Eastern Guilford HS (McLeansville, NC)

Zagurski saved his best game for the last game as he put on a shooting exhibition. He was knocking down shots from all levels and including many long range 3-pointers. Coach Cherry stated, “ Zagurski is a very confident shooter. He made contested shots and moved well without the ball.” We were impressed with hustle and full throttle approach. He plays with a consistent high motor and was always the first player back on defense. Zagurski demonstrated an outstanding attitude throughout the day. The next step for his development is to improve his ball handling and become more proficient in creating his own shot off the dribble.


No. 66 6’0 ’16 Joshua Jones of AC Reynolds HS (Asheville, NC)

Jones showcased tremendous range on his shot along with a soft shooting touch and mechanics. We were impressed with his overall efficiency. He only took shots within the framework of the offense, but knocked down shots. Coach Cherry stated, “Jones was a lights out shooter. The kind of shooter that likes to stare down his defender, size him up, and then shoot it.” Jones is best off the catch and shoot situation, but can create his own shot off the dribble. He has the ability to be a lock down defender, but will need to make it a main priority.


No. 115 6’2 ’17 Joshua Gould of Winton-Salem Prep (Winston-Salem, NC)

Gould has good size and athleticism for his position and grade. He has tremendous upside and potential provided he plays with a consistent motor. Gould has the tools and ingredients to be a very good player. Coach Cherry stated, “ Gould has the ability to get where he wants when he wants. He has the potential to score at will.” We were also impressed with his defensive skills and could become an elite level defender. With his build and athleticism, he is hard to guard especially with his ability to score from all levels on the court. Gould has all the physical attributes to take him to the next level. The next step in his development is to harness all the finite and delicate intangibles of the game.


No. 135 6’3 ’18 Marquise Jordan of Lexington HS (Lexington, SC)

Jordan has a physically mature frame and physique that creates a mismatch nightmare for the opposition. Coach Cherry stated, “ Jordan is a very efficient back to the basket scorer. He lives at the high post and scored the majority of his points from that area. Even against taller defenders, Jordan showed the ability to score consistently and played with a lot of confidence.” While Jordan was highly efficient from the high post area, he did show glimpses of stepping out and knocking down 3-pointers. The next step in his long-term development is to fine-tune his ball handling and perimeter skills. Being just a sophomore, Jordan has good upside and potential.


No. 145 6’3 ’19 Michael Walton of Davie County HS (Mocksville, NC)

Walton demonstrated a great attitude and team first approach. He displayed the ability to score from all levels on the court and knocked down 3-pointers with modest consistency. Coach Cherry stated, “Walton is very coachable. He shot the ball well and with confidence. More importantly, he’s a great teammate.” Walton has good range and a soft shooting touch and is best in a catch and shoot situation. As he gets older, he will need to get physically stronger and be able to create his own shot off the dribble. These improvements will greatly enhance his long-term resume.


No. 152 6’4 ’19 Cameron Caroway of Calvary Baptist (Winston-Salem, NC)

Coach Cherry stated it best, “Caroway is a great teammate that showcased outstanding effort. He played well within the team structure and understands how to move well without the ball.” Caroway is a player that doesn’t need the ball in his hands at all times to be effective. He knows how to get open and make the most of his scoring opportunities. He’s not a high volume shooter, but is very efficient. The next step in his development is to get bigger and stronger which will come with time. Caroway is only a sophomore and is still learning the game which will speak volume for him long term.


No. 165 6’5 ’16 Liam Curran of Topsail HS (Hampstead, NC)

Curran is an attacking wing that can finish with strength and authority. We were impressed with his ability to run the floor and created easy scoring opportunities by his sheer hustle. Coach Cherry stated, “ Curran rebounded the ball extremely well and made outstanding outlet passes. He was aggressive in establishing low post position and finished with either hand.” Curran is a tough match up defensively especially with his ability to score from multiple spots on the court. He has good size and his aggressive approach to the game quickly won us over. He likes contact and knows how to finish effectively.


No. 172 6’6 ’18 Scott Harvey of Christ the King (Cornelius, NC)

Harvey is a stretch four that plays a nice finesse game. He displayed an excellent shooting touch. He has good mechanics on his jump shot and can step out and make perimeter jumpers. Coach Cherry stated, “Harvey didn’t’ mix it up too much physically, but he is a big who can definitely stretch the defense. He can space the floor because of his stroke/touch.” The best part of Harvey’s long range potential is a frame that can add size and strength. Only a sophomore, Harvey’s best days are on the horizon.

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