NC Phenom 150 Evaluations – Team 3

The NC Phenom 150 Spring Evaluation Camp took place Saturday, March 14th and the talent level was strong from top to bottom. Today, we will take a look at some of the players from each individual team. Each camp coach was to fill out a detailed individual player evaluation. While we try to focus on upside and potential, we also look carefully at intangibles such as attitude, cooperation, work ethic and team play. We hope to capture a thorough detailed resume for each player in attendance.


Roger Wilson – #159/ Post/ 6’3 – Leesville Road MS (2019)

Wilson displayed an array of talents at the NC Phenom 150, especially in the post area. At the camp, he showed that he can play outstanding defense in the post and guarding wing players. He also has a solid game down low, as he was able to show a solid range in his shot inside the arc, while possessing unique bask to the basket moves. For a big man, he will need to work on a few areas to become a dominate post man, while working on things such as quickness, moving without the ball, and a few areas of his shot. However, Coach Carpenter said that “he shoots the ball very well and has a very good basketball IQ. Roger has very good footwork and has the ability to be a very good post player (down the road).”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Basketball IQ, Team Play, Range of Shot inside the arc, Defense (on and off the ball), Back to the basket moves, passing skills

Areas of Work: Range of shot outside the arc, Shooting off the dribble, Release time, Ability to finish, Quickness, Vision, Moving without the ball


Davis Guyton – #240/ Post/ 6’2 – Christian Academy (SC) (2019)

Guyton is yet another post player for Team 3 that has a chance to develop into a fantastic player. With his size, he certainly could fine tune his game down low and with his work ethic, he could be a name to remember in the future. Guyton’s area of excellence showed out in his team play, his ability to catch and shoot the ball, and his defense. He is only in the 8th grade but already at 6’2, this kid could be a monster in the paint when he fully develops. Areas that he will certainly need to focus and continue to get better in are a consistent outside shot, quickness and footwork, and his ability to finish down low. Coach Carpenter spoke highly about this young man though in his review. “Davis is a post player with a nice mid-range game and defends away from the basket well. He passes the ball well and can rebound when he crashes the boards. More work in the paint will help him develop into a very good player.”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Effort, Catch and shoot, Mid-Range shot, Defense, Shooting mechanics, Vision

Areas of Work: Penetration ability, Ability to finish, Ball handling skills, Transition defense, Quickness and footwork, Rebounding the ball, Moving without the ball


Kassius Williams – #3/ Guard/ 5’2 – Christian Academy (SC)(2020)

Williams was a very intriguing player when he first stepped on the court; he immediately showed that he has the talent to play with anyone in the gym. He seemed like a natural floor general with great court vision, always looking up for an open man at the right time and fitting passes into narrow windows. But there is no doubt about it that this kid can score the basketball, whether it was in transition or shooting the outside shot. With the talent that we see, we want to see his full effort on the court no matter what the score or situation is something that he needs to focus on. But this kid averaged over 18 points per game while at the camp and if he can bring everything together, there is no doubt about that he could be a high major prospect.

Areas of Excellence: Basketball IQ, Use of offhand, Ball handling skills, Ability to finish, Vision, Passing Skills, Quickness, Mid-range shot

Areas of Work: Three point shot, Catch and shoot, Back to the basket moves, Effort


Ben Benham – #8/ Guard/ 5’4 – First Assembly (2021)

Coach Carpenter had this to say about the young man from First Assembly.

“Trey is a very solid guard with tremendous upside. He seems to always find himself near the ball and defends very well. Trey’s effort will keep him on the court. He also shoots the mid-range shot very well.”

Benham is only in the 7th grade so he has several years to perfect his game in certain areas, but he has the right attitude and effort that could take him a long way. Developing a consistent jumper will be something he will be focusing on, while working also in several drills involving him having the ball in his hands (passing, ball handling, quickness).

Areas of Excellence: Team Play, Acceptance of Criticism, Use of offhand, Mid-range shot, Defense, Moving without the ball, Vision

Areas of Work: Bask to the basket moves, Three point shot, Ball handling, Passing skills, Quickness and footwork


Elijah Alford – #13/ Guard/ 5’6 – Wiley Magnet (2020)

Coach Carpenter has been a coach before for this young man and knows what Alford is capable of doing. Sometimes, events don’t always pan out the way some want but it leaves players room to grow and develop more in their game. Here is what Coach Carpenter said about this young guard.

“This wasn’t Elijah’s best showing. I’ve coached him before and he can play better than he did. Elijah is a very craft guard and he is deceptively quick, guarding bigger guards than himself. He has a very good jumper but needs to be more decisive when to shoot.”

Alford certainly has years ahead of him to develop into a great guard, but he has to put in the hours and focus on his overall game as a player. But if he continues to develop and has the right coaching, Alford can certainly put away any doubts and prove to everyone that he has the talent to be a Division I type player.

Areas of Excellence: Mid-range shot, quickness, defense both on and off the ball, Footwork, Rebounding

Areas of Work: Use of offhand, Vision, Moving without the ball, Penetration ability, Ball handling, Passing Skills, Three point shot


Jackson Gabriel – #45/ Wing/ 5’10 – Lincoln Charter (2019)

College coaches are always looking for a player to do the dirty work. Not necessarily be the star in every game, but that player that overall, just does what is needed for the team. That can be how Gabriel is described as a player. He certainly has the capability to take over a game and get buckets, but he seems to just do whatever is needed for the team, when it is needed. He is a gritty player who has a nose for the loss ball, while also excelling in transition defense. Offensively, he is capable of knocking down the mid-range jumper and always has his head up looking for his teammates. Focusing on little things like widening his range on his jumper and creating for himself, especially when his back is to the basket, Gabriel can only improve with hard work.

Areas of Excellence: Team play, Effort, Mid-range jumper, Shooting off the dribble, Penetration and ability to finish, Passing Skills, Quickness, Rebounding

Areas of Work: Range of his shot, Back to the basket moves


Justin Tinnen – #34/ Wing/ 5’9 – Cedar Ridge (2018)

Tinnen really played the game at a high level at the NC Phenom 150 and the coaches were impressed with what he was able to produce on the court. He set the tone early in the day with his effort and consistent diving for the loose ball. He seemed to excel in the areas of shooting the basketball, showing a nice inside/ outside game, capable of knocking down as far as behind the arc. His mechanics are solid for his age, to go along with his quickness. His quickness came out more on the defensive side of the ball, being able to defend a wing or guard at anytime. “His high basketball IQ allows him to make smart plays,” Coach Carpenter said. Tinnen will have to continue to get in the weight room and get stronger, something that if he does, could set him apart from the others.

Areas of Excellence: Range of shots, Catch and shoot, Shooting mechanics, Defense, Quickness and vision, Team play, Effort

Areas of Work: Penetration ability, Ability to finish, Ball handling skills, Passing, Footwork

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