The NC Phenom 150 Spring Evaluation Camp took place Saturday, March 14th and the talent level was strong from top to bottom. Today, we will take a look at some of the players from each individual team. Each camp coach was to fill out a detailed individual player evaluation. While we try to focus on upside and potential, we also look carefully at intangibles such as attitude, cooperation, work ethic and team play. We hope to capture a thorough detailed resume for each player in attendance.

Marvin Trotman – #194/ 6’4 – Atlantic Shores (2017)

“If you are looking for a player that has very elite size, scores much and often, has no problem getting the ball to open teammates, and is hardnosed on defense, then Marvin is your guy. Though Marvin is young, he is excellent guard as bigger players have to cover him and hope that he gets tired. Able to shoot off the dribble or stand still, plus he can push the ball up the court with ease; Marvin is just what the doctor ordered. With two more years of high school, I have to believe that he is only going to get bigger and better.”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Effort, Size, range of mid-range shot, shooting mechanics, ball handling, passing skills, defense on and off the ball

Areas of Work: Back to the basket moves, use of off hand, footwork, rebounding


Styles Mclain – #155/ 6’2 – Wakefield (2018)

“Styles plays both ends of the court; solid defense and making sure to get the ball to the open teammates. He has a very nice attitude as he was relentlessly putting forth effort into trying to win the game. He understands how to play on and off the ball defense with very high intensity level. Working on being more of a offensive threat would serve him well as he attempts to play college ball one day. Listens well and follow the game plan without questioning the coach about “why.” Will make a very good player on any team he may be selected to play for.”

Areas of Excellence: Basketball IQ, team play, ball handling, passing skills, transition defense, quickness, rebounding

Areas of Work: range of shot both inside and outside arc, shooting mechanics, ability to finish


Zach Robeson – #55/ 5’10 – Camden County (2017)

Zach loves the game and plays it with a passion. He has the ability to take his man off the dribble, shoot and make mid-range shots, and will steal the ball at every opportunity. Zach sees the floor very well in transition offense and defense, as he earned the nick name “hawk” as he locates and gets the ball. Height and speed will only make Zach more valuable to any college looking for a ball that actually balls. Having a reliable three point shot along with blocking a couple shots every game, should be his goal as he attempts to play at a higher level.”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Basketball IQ, effort, team play, range of mid-range shot, release time, shooting mechanics, ball handling, defense off the ball and transition

Areas of Work: Range of three point shot, back to the basket moves, use of off hand


Darius Cook – #84/ 5’11 – Garinger (2016)

“Darius is a good solid baller that with more training and just being a little more aggressive on offense is set to be a really good player. He knows the game, has nice mid-range jumper, and is able to find the open man on his team or the other team. Improving his shot to the three point line with quicker release will only improve his options in terms of playing college ball in the near future whether it be Division II, III, or JUCO.”

Areas of Excellence: Effort, Team play, Vision and court Sense, Mid-Range jumper, shooting mechanics

Areas of Work: Range of three point shot, quicker release, ability to finish, rebounding his position, shooting off the dribble, catch and shoot


Chris Wilkins – #56/ 5’10 – Krestel Heights (2017)

“Chris is very energetic about the game of basketball and life. Very solid attitude and willingness to do whatever we needed to get the win or at least try to get it. Can and will knock down open threes while running the court playing tight in your face defense. As he continues to grow and learn the game, he should get a lot of interest from coaches in all division. Very coachable and also very supportive of his teammates while in the game or on the bench. Runs the floor well in transition or half court sets. Going to enjoy watching him continue to grow and develop.”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, basketball IQ, team play, effort, defense on and off the ball, transition defense, three point shot

Areas of Work: Mid-range shot, back to the basket moves, use of off hand, rebounding, moving without the ball


Jonathan Gauer – #237/ 6’2 – (2017)

“You name it, Jonathan can do it. Shooting, taking his man off the dribble, tough defense, and excellent teammate. Has excellent size for point as he can also play multiple positions on defense and offense. He knows the game well and how to include his teammates on the floor on offense. Becoming a better three point shooter will only make him more valuable as he continues to grow and get stronger. Very coachable, which is saying a lot in this day and time.”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Acceptance of criticism, effort, defense on the ball, defense off the ball, quickness, range of shot

Areas of Work: three point shot, release time, shooting mechanics, penetration and finishing ability, rebounding, moving without the ball


Jaylen Gore – #105/ 6’0 -NW Guilford (2016)

“Jaylen is a nice size point guard or shooting guard that seems to love to play defense. He has the ability to take his man off the dribble or hit the open shot. He runs the floor well in transition, offense, or defense, along with being the floor leader. Very vocal while being respectful. Seems to have very high basketball IQ as he was always one to two steps ahead of the defender, while also keeping his team on the same page. Should do very well in any system that is put in front of him. Very coachable and looking forward to keeping up with his career as he works on improving his shot and penetration ability.”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, effort, team play, range of mid-range, shooting off the dribble, shooting mechanics, ball handling, vocal leader, defense on and off the ball

Areas of Work: range of three point shot, penetration ability, ability to finish, rebounding, footwork, moving without the ball


Trevor Jenkins – #104/ 6’0 – Freedom Christian (2017)

“In terms of knowing the game and being able to play the game, Trevor has it down point. He’s able to shoot the mid-range, take you off the dribble, make threes if open, along with playing hardnosed defense. I like his game, his size, and his attitude. Just wants to and loves to play the game. He’s that player that keeps your team in every game. Very good prospect for any college looking for a player with nice basketball IQ and the skills and heart to go with it. More growth and skill development is only going to make him that much harder to deal with if you are on the other team, he also has the ability to block shots without fouling.”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Team play, range of shot, catch and shot, release time and mechanics, penetration ability, ball handling and passing skills, defense on and off the ball

Areas of Work: Back to the basket moves, use of off hand, footwork


Ubong Okon – #226/ 6’10 – Prominance Academy (2017)

“At 6’10, Ubong Okon demands attention the moment he comes into the gym, not to mention in the game. He plays like he looks. That is someone that can and will make your day at the office very hard and long. He runs the floor, takes up a lot of space, and knows how to use his size and body. He bothers shots sometimes without really trying, just being in the right place. He had a ton of dunks, plus he has a nice turnaround jumper and hook shot. Just to be in 10th grade is scary, as he is only getting better and maybe bigger. He’s big, strong, fast, with a nice attitude, very coachable. Division I material.”

Areas of Excellence: Effort, team play, ability to finish, defense, quickness, vision and court sense, rebounding, back to the basket moves

Areas of Work: Range on shot, ball handling, shooting off the dribble, passing skills, footwork

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