The NC Phenom 150 Spring Evaluation Camp took place Saturday, March 14th and the talent level was strong from top to bottom. Today, we will take a look at some of the players from each individual team. Each camp coach was to fill out a detailed individual player evaluation. While we try to focus on upside and potential, we also look carefully at intangibles such as attitude, cooperation, work ethic and team play. We hope to capture a thorough detailed resume for each player in attendance.

Braxton Cherry – #120/ 6’1 – West Craven (2016)

Cherry showed a great attitude and team play on the court, something that his coaches easily noticed right off the bat. This young man had overall a solid game but still has room to grow in certain areas. His ball handling skills seemed to stand out the most with his court, along with his ability to shoot the ball.

“Left hander. Needs to improve court awareness. He probably was the best shooter on our team but needs to improve rebounding.” – Coach

Areas of Excellence: Ball Handling, team play, attitude, acceptance of criticism, effort, range of his shot

Areas of Work: Shooting off the dribble, release time, shooting mechanics, rebounding

Donalson Fanord – #213/ 6’7 -Fort Mill (2017)

Fanord is still a young guy on the court but he was a competitor on the court and many could see his full potential if he continues what he has been doing. He did well in the rebounding area and had nice shooting mechanics, but needs to be come more consistent.

“He is a second year basketball player. He needs a lot of work but he has great potential.” -Coach

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, acceptance of criticism, team play, shooting mechanics, rebounding his position

Areas of Work: Range of shot, Catch and shot, shooting off the dribble, penetration ability and ability to finish, defense

DJ Myers – #203/ 6’5 – Neuse Christian Academy (2016)

Myers has been a prospect that Phenom Hoops Report has been on for a while now and many can see the potential in this kid if he can put everything together for the next level. He has the height and offensive ability to create a mismatch against his opponent. But he needs to give 100 percent on both sides of the ball.

His coach said that showed a nice game on the offensive side of the ball but he needs to continue to work harder on the defensive side of the ball.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Acceptance of criticism, shooting mechanics, back to the basket moves, passing skills, quickness

Areas of Work: Defense on and off the ball, extending his range on his shot, penetration ability, moving without the ball

Nick Decapite – #171/ 6’3 – East Chapel Hill (2018)

This kid is young and still has a ton of room to grow. But he showed that he was eager to learn and play against some of the big boys, being one of the younger guys on the team. He has the size and his release time and shooting mechanics seem to be one of his bright spots. But he needs to continue to improve and put in the work and he can fulfill his potential. Luckily, he has several years down the road to work on his craft and try to make a name for himself.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Acceptance of criticism, team play, release time, shooting mechanics

Areas of Work: Range of his shot (both 2pt and 3pt), Catch and shoot, use of off hand, penetration ability, ball handling skills, defense, quickness and vision

Hugh Harvin – #22/ 5’7 – Indian Trial (2016)

Harvin was a standout for Team 8 on many levels and hustled all over the court, both on the offensive and defensive end of the ball. He showed his quickness and footwork, two aspects of his game that stood out immediately, which also translated on the defensive end for his team.

“Needs to work on his ball handling and shooting ability.” – Coach

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, acceptance of criticism, defense on the ball, defense off the ball, quickness, footwork, vision

Areas of Work: overall shot, range, shooting mechanics and release time, ball handling, ability to finish

Tre Doughty – #70/ 5’11 – Neuse Christian Academy (2016)

Doughty is one of two players from Neuse Christian Academy on Team 8 and this young guard showed he could compete with anyone on the court. This young man was able to finish at the rim, while also looking to get his teammates involved.

“Looked a little out of shape at first but is a solid player on offense. Needs to work on his defense though.” -Coach

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Acceptance of criticism, basketball IQ, penetration ability, ability to finish, ball handling

Areas of Work: Shot inside the arc, defense on both ends, quickness and footwork

Drew Moxley – #232/ 5’7 – North Stanly (2016)

This is the second time competing in the NC Phenom 150 for Drew and even though he might lack in size, he certainly put his heart on the court. He played hard and showed the desire to learn but he needs to continue working on his overall game. He hustled on the court and had a great attitude towards the game.

His coach says that he needs to continue to work and develop his overall game if he wants to be the player he wants to be.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Acceptance of criticism, team play, shooting mechanics, vision

Areas of Work: His shot, shooting mechanics, penetration ability, his unique way to score the ball, defense both on, off, and in transition

Ryan Sellers – #119/ 6’1 – Orange high school (2018)

Still a young gun, Sellers showed tremendous and excelled talents in many aspects on the court as he played at a higher level in several areas on the court. He was a team player both on and off the court and his quickness as a guard certainly was above average for a player his age. His coaches were impressed but still wants him to work overall his game.

“Team player but needs to work on player development for overall improvement.” – Coach

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Team play, Basketball IQ, Quickness, Footwork, Vision, Rebounding for his position, Moving without the ball

Areas of Work: Catch and shoot, basket to he basket moves, release time and shooting mechanics, range on his shot, penetration ability

Dashawn Harper – #235/ 5’11 – Oxford Prep (2017)

Harper was one of the better shooters for Team 8, especially when talking about his outside shot (both inside and outside the arc). He was a very god shooter with nice mechanics and release time, but as a guard, he can continue working with his handling the ball. Overall though, he has the potential to be a name to remember when his time comes down the road.

“Needs to work on ball handling and shooting. Potential to be a solid player but needs to improve overall understanding of the game.” -Coach

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Team Play, range of shot, catch and shoot, release time and shooting mechanics

Areas of Work: Defense on and off the ball, Transition defense, ball handling

Cameron Holmes – #172/ 6’3 – Nation Ford (2016)

As a junior Holmes led his Nation Ford team in scoring this past season, averaging over 12.9 point per game. He brought that same game to the courts at Forsyth County Day, as he knocked down shots early on in the camp. Holmes though is a competitor and made sure that scouts noticed him as a shooter. This rising senior could be one that if he puts in the time this offseason to watch for.

“Decent shooter, made a few shots in the first game but needs to work on improving defense and basketball IQ.” – Coach

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Acceptance of criticism, Team play, Range of shot, Shooting mechanics

Areas of Work: Penetration ability and ability to finish, passing skills, quickness and footwork, vision, moving without the ball

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