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NC Phenom 150 Evaluations – Team 1

The NC Phenom 150 Spring Evaluation Camp took place Saturday, March 14th and the talent level was strong from top to bottom. Today, we will take a look at some of the players from each individual team. Each camp coach was to fill out a detailed individual player evaluation. While we try to focus on upside and potential, we also look carefully at intangibles such as attitude, cooperation, work ethic and team play. We hope to capture a thorough detailed resume for each player in attendance.

Team 1 Roster

Reese Evans – #9/ Guard/ 5’5 – St. Raphael Catholic (2020)

Evans displayed a very nice array of talent and teamwork at the NC Phenom 150 and has the ability to get even better down the road. He excelled as a teammate and his attitude towards the game, while displaying a solid ability to have the ball under control in his hands. He excelled in areas of dribble penetration, ball handling skills, passing skills, on ball defense, and terrific footwork, while showing a nice stroke inside the arc. Coach Padgett said “Evans is a great kid to coach. He has the potential to be very good. Evans needs to work on getting stronger and being more aggressive. He has too much talent not to be more forceful on the court.” Evans will continue to develop his game but already holds several intangibles that will make him successful throughout his high school career.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Team Play, Use of off-hand, Range of shot inside the arc, Penetration ability, Passing Skills, Quickness, Vision, Footwork

Areas of Work: Range of Shot behind the arc, Shooting off the dribble, Release time, Back to the basket moves

David Mosley – #29/ Guard-Forward/ 5’9 – Word of God (2018)

Mosley displayed a high motor and his physical play on the court really made this young man standout. He has a great attitude for the game and excelled around the basket. “Hard nose, strong, physical player,” Coach Padgett said about Mosley. “He finished with both hands and always attacked the basket aggressively.” However, Mosley will have to continue developing his jump shot outside the paint if he wants to make a huge jump to the next level. But if he is able to create a consistent jump shot to go along with his physical nature and paint presence, the “sky is the limit for David.”

Areas of Excellence: Basketball IQ, Use of off-hand, Penetration ability, Ability to finish, Rebounding, Moving without the ball, Passing Skills, Defense

Areas of Work: Range of shot, Shooting mechanics, Transition defense, Release time

Najir Underwood – #6/ Guard/ 5’4 – Piedmont MS (2019)

Underwood was an intriguing young prospect at the point guard position. In several areas, he was excellent on the floor, including a nice mixture of an outside and inside game. He showed that he has focused on his jump shot, but Coach Padgett says that he still has work to do to develop a consistent jumper. However, Underwood is a quick guard and can get into the lane with ease at times, finishing in the paint or dishing it out to an open teammate. Still young though, he will have to continue to focus on his physical nature and become stronger. Once he does that and focuses on creating a consistent jumper, as far as the three point line, he will be a major force.

Areas of Excellence: Effort, Team Play, Range of shot inside the arc, Shooting of the dribble, Release time, Use of off-hand, Penetration ability, Ability to finish, passing skills, Quickness, Vision

Areas of Work: Range of shot behind the arc, Catch and shoot, Bask to the basket moves, defense both on and off the ball

Derrick Bradsher – #10/ Guard/ 5’5 – Eastern Alamance (2018)

Bradsher might a name you want to remember because he certainly impressed the coaches at the NC Phenom 150 at Forsyth Country Day. This young guard excels in so many ways on the court and Coach Padgett says “future college basketball player!” He is a very talented combo guard that can play on both ends of the court, something you don’t always find at such a young age. Bradsher showed his energy on the defensive side of the ball and on the offensive side, even without the ball in his hands. If he continues to get stronger and develops his body, this is a kid that you will see on TV at the college level.

Areas of Excellence: Range of shot, Catch and Shoot, Release time, Quickness, Vision and court sense, Rebounding your position, Moving without the ball, Defense

Areas of Work: Back to the Basket Moves

Kaleb Scott – #108/ Forward/ 6’1 – Holly Springs MS (2020)

For only a 7th grader, Scott showed that he is heading in the right direction with his skill set. Already at 6’1, he has tremendous size. His conditioning and training down the road is what could set himself apart, focusing on his agility and conditioning. Also, with his size, hitting the weight room will also be essential. But with his coachable attitude and willingness to learn, he will certainly continue to improve his all-around game and the results will show very quickly.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Acceptance of criticism, Basketball IQ, Team Play, Catch and Shoot, Passing Skills, Moving without the ball.

Areas of Work: Shooting off the dribble, back to the basket moves, ball handling skills, footwork

Dwayne Richardson – #1/ Guard/ 5’1 – Greater Beckley MS (2021)

Richardson was the only sixth grader in the camp but he didn’t play like it. He held his own against players much older and bigger than him on both sides of the court. It seems like it is only time for this young gun to flourish on the court as he grows up. Coach Padgett says “as he grows and get stronger, he will develop and be a major problem for opponents. He knows how and when to be aggressive offensively, while also shooting the ball very well with tremendous poise under pressure.” Richardson may have been the youngest player on the court, but he certainly played at a high level and is a name that people should start to remember when he hits the high school courts.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Team Play, Use of off-hand, ability to finish, ball handling skills, passing skills, transition defense, quickness

Areas of Work: Rebounding your position, back to the basket moves

Charlie Mendys – #42/ Guard-Forward/ 5’10 – Carrboro (2018)

Mendys might have been the most impressive player for Coach Padgett on Team 1. He has the tools to be a great competitive player, to go along with his great attitude for the game. Mendys played hard all day long at the NC Phenom 150 and just had that edge to him say that he “wanted it.” He was a matchup nightmare several times on the court with his size and ability to shoot the ball, both inside and out, while having excellent mechanics to handle the ball in the open court. Coach Padgett had this to say after he came away impressed with this young man’s performance. “Real simple: Keep Working Hard! You will get out of this game what you put into it. Go after it!” Certainly high praises for this talented young man.

Areas of Excellence: Basketball IQ, Range of shot, shooting off the dribble, Effort, Shooting mechanics, Defense on ball, Vision, Rebounding

Areas of Work: Back to the basket moves, use of off hand

Joe Niemchak – #30/ Guard/ 5’9 – Cary Academy (2018)

Niemchak can simply shoot the ball. That is what so many came away with for this young man. His range on the court doesn’t matter because almost every time you think he shoots the ball that it is going in. One can certainly tell that this kid has put in the work and hours to perfect his shooting touch, but he certainly doesn’t want to stop there with perfecting it. Niemchak also showed a great team effort on the court and attitude, while excelling in several other areas on the court offensively. He will have to continue improving his footwork and defense, but this kid has tremendous upside.

Areas of Excellence: Team Play, Range of shot, Catch and Shoot, Shooting mechanics, Passing Skills, Vision and court sense, Moving without the ball

Areas of Work: Defense on ball, penetration ability

Jordan Minlend – #88/ Guard/ 6’0 – First Assembly (2019)

When Minlend steps on the court, one may wonder where he learned his game and how he has excelled so early on. But then you remember he is the young brother of Charles Minlend, who is yet another Division I type talent. At Forsyth Country Day, Minlend quickly showed why his name too will be mentioned down the road. Physically, he is a very strong guard that can get into the lane with both hands, while finishing under contact. He is also able to get to his spots on the court but just needs to develop a consistent jumper. Coach Padgett says if he continues to work on his jump shot, this kid will be yet another Minlend that is a “high major college basketball player.” He also has the heart and competitive mindset that no one can teach.

Areas of Excellence: Effort, Use of off Hand, Penetration Ability, Ability to Finish, Ball handling skills, Passing skills, Vision, Rebounding, Team Play

Areas of Work: Consistent Shot, Catch and Shoot, Back to the basket moves, Transition and off-the-ball defense

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