#6 Richard Casian

Casian showed that he could certainly hang at the NC Junior Phenom and showed tremendous skill in several areas of his game. He coach said “He is a very good ball player. A bit undersized guard with tremendous heart. He has to be more aggressive to become an elite player by the is right there.” Richard excelled in areas such as his shot range, shooting mechanics, ball handling, defense on and off the ball, and footwork.


#45 Bryce Cash

Bryce seemed to excel in several areas such as getting to the rim with his penetration ability, passing skills, overall defense, quickness, and footwork. “Bryce is a great defender on the ball and tough nose kid,” his coach said. “Needs to work on some of his skills to become the player he wants to be but this young man has a great motor.” Overall, Bryce gave max effort and was a true teammate at the camp and can’t wait to watch as he develops his overall game down the road.


#52 Donovan Vinson

“This is a great kid who will be a high school coaches dream when he gets older. He plays with heart and plays within himself. With some more work, he definitely could make it to the next level.” Donovan was a tremendous kid and excelled in areas of team play, effort, shot range, defense, rebounding ability, moving without the ball, and several other areas. He will need to continue to work overall on his game, but if he does, this young man could certainly be a special one.


#93 Jaden Wentz

Jaden is a great kid and has tremendous upside. As he develops more into his body, he will become better and an awesome player to watch. Jaden was solid throughout the board when being evaluated including areas including his team play, attitude, shooting mechanics, penetration ability, ability to finish, and defense.


#97 Jaquavion Latham

Jaquavion was simply outstanding throughout the camp and really showed what an athlete this young man is and could be down the road. “This kid is a tremendous athlete,” his coach said. “As he works on his all around game, he will be a problem for any opponent at the high school level. He also has a great attitude towards the game.” He really did turn heads a few times and there is no limit on what this could do the more he develops his game. He has a great set of skills and we look forward to watching him at the next level.


#135 Jordan Jones

Jordan already has great size to him already and if he continues to grow could be trouble down the road. His coach was very impressed the way he came towards the game and his attitude, while also showing a great skill set overall. Jordan excelled in areas such as catch and shoot, shooting mechanics, penetration ability, vision and court sense, overall defense, and ability to finish.


#144 Nathan Brafford

“As the day grew went on, Nathan’s game improved. He started to become more confident in several areas on the floor and showed that he can play in this atmosphere with some of the best players around. As he continues to grow, he will certainly improve his body and get stronger and his confidence should continue to rise.” Nathan showed tremendous effort at the camp and really played team ball all day long. He gave max effort not matter what, on both ends of the floor, as we certainly will monitor his progress as he develops his game overall.


#164 Joshua Crabtree

Joshua is going to be a very good player down the road. Already at 6’2 for a young man, he has tremendous size and a good skill set for how big he is. He will certainly develop into his body and get stronger and it should help his game in several areas. Joshua showed at times that he could be a player that is very dangerous on both ends of the court and overall was solid in all areas of his game.


#180 Cole Shehan

“This kid has the ability to be an elite basketball player. Has a few things that we would like him to see him work on such a his ball handling ability. As his shot starts developing though, he will be a great all-around basketball player for whichever high school he goes to.” This young man has the talent to be a tremendous ball player and excelled in areas like penetration ability, ball handling, defense, quickness and footwork, and rebounding. Certainly one to watch as he grows up.

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