No. 15 4’10 ’21 Keziah Wilson of Orangeburg, SC

Wilson worked extremely hard throughout the camp. He runs the floor well and was effective as a shooter. He was able to “catch and shoot” as well as create his own shot off the dribble. Wilson demonstrated an outstanding attitude and was acceptance of constructive feedback. The next step in his development is to work on his overall game to gain more confidence in playing. As he gets older, he will gain strength, which will increase his effectiveness on the court.


No. 24 5’0 ’22 Parker Hodgson of Raleigh, NC

The first thing you notice about Hodgson once he steps onto the court is his passion and enthusiasm for the game. He exhibited a willing attitude to learn, absorb, and accept constructive feedback. Hodgson strongest attribute currently is his ability to hit open jumpers. He has good range and consistency. The next step in his development is to improve his ball handling and passing skills. This will allow him to become a better all around player as he continues to grow and develop.


No. 77 5’4 ’21 Khalil Brantley of Charlotte, NC

Brantley has an advanced skill set especially with his ability to handle the basketball. He simply has the “ball on a string.” He has excellent court vision and ability to see plays one step ahead of his teammates and the opposition. His basketball IQ and court vision are simply beyond his years. He can score from all levels on the court and has a multiple of offensive moves. The next step in his development is making the simple play rather than the highlight play. Brantley does play with flash and flair!


No. 85 5’4 ’21 Trey Williamson of Elgin, SC

Williamson’s strongest attribute comes from the defensive side of the ball. How often is that the case for players in the seventh grade' In addition, he is a good help defender and understands team defensive principles. He is a tireless worker on both ends of the court and shoots the ball very well when his feet are set. The next step in his development is to improve his perimeter skills such as ball handling and passing to enhance his overall game. Williamson demonstrated an excellent attitude and a willingness to listen to constructive feedback.


No. 111 5’7 ’20 Nickolas Ebadirad of Wake Forest, NC

Ebadirah is quite the competitor on the court. He plays and competes on each and every play. He’s one not to take plays off and gives maximum effort throughout the game no matter the score, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Ebadirad has good range and shot the ball well when he was left open and got his feet set. He’s a team player and plays within the team system/structure. His shots and points come within the framework of the game. Rarely, will you find Ebadirad try to manufacture or create his own shot.


No. 122 5’8 ’21 Jalen Breazeale of Mauldin, SC

When comparing all the notes from the various scouts, one thing is crystal clear; Jalen Breazeale made an impression with everyone with his outstanding defense. He simply got after it and never let up in putting pressure on the oppositions’ main ball handler. He’s refreshing to see young players play with so much desire and determination, especially when it doesn’t pertain to scoring. Breazeale has great upside and promise provided he keeps working hard on his offensive perimeter skills. In addition, his basketball IQ will only get better with more game experience and exposure.


No. 160 5’10 ’20 Bryce Steele of Raleigh, NC

Steele is a really good athlete that combines strength and quickness that allowed him to excel at camp. He plays with a high motor and his toughness on the court (both mental and physical) was advanced for his age/grade. We like all his intangibles and physical attributes that will allow Steele to be an outstanding player and one to monitor over the next four years of high school basketball. The next step in his development is to enhance and fine-tune his perimeter skills.


No. 191 6’2 ’20 Jaden Springer of Charlotte, NC

While we don’t get into ranking players at the middle school level, Springer has all the making of an elite level prospect at the national level. Simply put, Springer has an advanced game that is beyond his years. As a matter of fact, Springer plays more like a seasoned high school veteran than a middle school player. He plays both ends of the floor with great intensity. He’s a tough rebounder and finishes extremely well. His ability to handle the ball especially in the open court along with his ability to drive makes him so difficult to guard and contain. We didn’t see many players that played as hard as Springer and that along speaks volume. He has a very bright future on the horizon.


No. 194 6’3 ’20 Landry Garris of Greensboro, NC

Garris has really outstanding promise and potential. He can be an absolute force at the high school level and beyond provided if he continues to work hard and embellish his skill set. His ability to run and catch for a player his size is impressive. He is an excellent rebounder and plays an aggressively when challenged. The next step in his development is to work really hard on enhancing his offensive skill set. He has the athleticism and right attitude and approach that will motivate him to be the best he can be!

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