No. 17 4’10 ’21 Garyn McDougal of Charlotte, NC

McDougal displayed really good athleticism especially for his age/grade. He is very coachable in game situations. McDougal demonstrated toughness and grit throughout the day. He has excellent range on his jump shot, but could be somewhat more consistent which will come with strength and maturity. McDougal has a good combination of athleticism and skills that will be key ingredients in his future development. The next step in his development is to continue working to improve his perimeter game.


No. 21 5’0 ’21 Jordan Bly of Charlotte, NC

Bly exhibited a tremendous attitude on and off the court. He has solid basketball IQ and nice understanding of team play. Bly calling card currently is his ability to shoot the ball. He’s extremely efficient from the perimeter and advanced in his offensive moves. Bly was effective in a “catch and shoot” situation, but also showed the ability to create his own shot off the dribble. The next step in his development is to continue to enhance his ball handling and passing skills.


No. 76 5’4 ’20 Logan Botts of Gastonia, NC

Botts has really good fundamentals and an advanced skill set to compete. He knows how to play within the team setting and understands his role. We were impressed with his ability of allowing the game come to him. Rarely, did he try to manufacture or force the issue on the offensive end of the court. His calling card is his basketball IQ and knowledge of the game. The next step in his development is to get physically stronger which will come with age. In addition, working to improve his lateral quickness will also pay huge dividends in his development.


No. 80 5’4 ’22 Chase Lowe of Weddington, NC

Only a sixth grader, Lowe doesn’t realize his own potential at times. He is highly skilled and really knows the game. His skill set is his calling card and the young man plays with tremendous poise and confidence. He doesn’t get rattled often and competes on both ends of the court. Lowe has the ingredients to become a quality player at the next level. All he needs is patience and Mother Nature to assist him in his long-term growth.


No. 110 5’7 ’20 Jaylin Davis of Hampton, VA

Davis is a young player that is oozing with upside and potential. He has unlimited range on his jump shot and can score from multiple levels on the court. With his high efficiency perimeter shooting, Davis is a difficult player to guard. He has a quick first step and has the ability to get by his defender and most importantly create his own shot off the dribble. We were impressed equally of his defensive intensity. He played tough man-to-man defense and always wanted to guard the opposing team’s best player.


No. 125 5’8 ’21 Ziheem Delay of Orangeburg, SC

Delay has the desire to play and compete. While he did many things well and show signs that he could eventually be a solid player. That being said, Coach Pass stated “Delay needs to show more focus during games.” He has good size and his intangibles are there to become a quality player. Delay demonstrated a good attitude throughout the day and was very personal as well.


No. 155 5’10 ’20 Cody Fuller of Greensboro, NC

Fuller brings a full throttle approach to the game. His energy and effort was impressive. We were impressed with his outstanding ability to dribble penetrate to the basket, however he will need to be more efficient in finishing in traffic. That being said Fuller was one of the more coachable players in attendance. Coach Pass stated, “Fuller accepted constructive feedback and wanted to get better.” Moving forward Fuller has a chance to be an elite level defender. He takes great personal pride in his defense and it was clearly obvious that he can impact the game without scoring one single point.


No. 172 5’11 ’21 Ethan Smith of Greensboro, NC

Smith has a nifty blend of athleticism and a matching skill set which is not often seen in players just in the seventh grade. In addition, Smith demonstrated an extra gear and played with a high motor throughout the day. He brought energy on both ends of the court and his defensive intensity was equivalent to his offensive firepower. Coach Pass stated, “Smith is very coachable and has a toughness like no other.” The next step in his development is to continue working on his all around game and using his ability to make others around him better.


No. 189 6’2 ’20 Cason Pierce of Greensboro, NC

Pierce was one of the better all around players in attendance. He has a solid skill set, outstanding basketball IQ, all accompanied with toughness and athleticism. Not often do you find young players with athleticism and a matching skill set that also displays an excellent attitude and willingness to learn to get better. For Pierce, he has all the ingredients and then some to be an outstanding player at the next level. In some many cases, the biggest part of the game is the mental aspect and for Smith he has that down!


No. 193 6’3 ’20 Noah Allred of Colfax, NC

Allred already sports excellent size for his age/grade. More importantly, he relishes his size and makes an impact on the interior. Coach Pass stated, “Allred is a solid post player that loves to play through contact and finishes effectively too.” He is very coachable young player and knows how to make adjustments during the game. We were impressed with his passer friendly hands and ability to pass out of the post. He is always fighting for position and has the ability to step out and hit the midrange fact up jumper. The next step for Allred is also to work on more perimeter skill sets to round out his overall game.

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