No. 7 4’9 ’21 Zane Caudle of Franklinville, NC

Caudle was one of the smallest players in attendance, but he played with “reckless abandon” on both sides of the ball. One thing is for sure Caudle is one fearless player! We were impressed with his constant motion with and without the ball. Caudle has advanced ball-handling skills for his age/grade and is a pass first PG that loves getting his teammates involved in the game. While he has the ability to make his teammates better, Caudle has the ability to create his own shot off the dribble. He’s a tough on the ball defender and quite the competitor.


No. 26 5’0 ’21 Josh Mosely of Raleigh, NC

Mosely is a super quick PG that has a positive influence over his team. He’s a “can do” player and is tremendous playmaker. He has been well coached and was excellent in understanding team defensive principles. Unlike many players today Mosely makes an impact on both ends of the court. He takes as much pride on defense and putting pressure on the ball as he does making a superlative play on the offensive end. More importantly, we were equally impressed with his leadership and poise for this young player.


No. 61 6’1 ’20 Patrick Sullivan of Greensboro, NC

Sullivan is a blue-collar player that plays with grit and determination. Not the flashiest player on the court, but one of the more productive players. We were impressed with his ability to post hard and make strong developed moves to the rim. He has passer friendly hands and is a willing passer out of the post. He is constantly battling in the post and making his presence known. In addition, Sullivan runs the floor extremely well running rim to rim. His hard work and no nonsense approach will make him a coach’s favorite for many years to come


No. 83 5’4 ’20 Dylan Spencer of Greensboro, NC

Spencer has super cat quick abilities, which makes him one tough guard to play against. He is equally impressive on both ends of the court. Offensively, he is always attacking the defense with dribble penetration and creating scoring opportunities for his team while creating havoc for the opposing team. His lateral quickness is superb and his on ball defense is tremendous. In addition, Spencer sports an amazing attitude on and off the court and is possesses the leadership abilities you expect in a PG.


No. 113 5’7 ’20 Grayson Honaker of Richlands, VA

Honaker is a coach’s dream. He’s the type of player that will do all the little things in a game to enable his team to notch the win. He has a tremendous motor and a “never say die” attitude on the court. Honaker can score from all levels on the court. He can penetrate and drive and finish in traffic or step out and knock down the midrange jump shot. He has deceptive speed and an advanced understanding of the game. Honaker has a huge upside and tremendous potential if he continues to work and refine his game.


No. 132 5’8 ’21 Zion Harmon of Charlotte, NC

Not often, does a player of Harmon’s magnitude graces the middle school level. He has an exceptional skill set and his talent is simply beyond his years. If he continues to develop as a player, he will be a household name nationally in the high school ranks. Harmon has a unique blend of athleticism and skill that is unmatched by his peers in his class. He’s a superb ball handling and one of the more efficient 3-pointers in his class. The next step in his development is channeling his unbelievable talent in making his teammates better. That being said, he has all the tools and ingredients to be a high level player.


No. 135 5’8 ’20 Jordan Jones of Jamestown, NC

The best way to describe Jones is his versatility and ability to play multiple positions. He’s a jack-of-all-trades on the court and can dominate various positions. While Jones is fundamentally sound, he has a certain flair and flash to his game. At the same time, he is well grounded and sports a tremendous attitude on and off the court. He has the uncanny ability to be in the right position at the right time. With all the accolades that are well warranted, he is the ultra competitor and a winner!


No. 151 5’10 ’20 Jalen Cone of Kernersville, NC

Go ahead and put Jalen Cone’s name in your SIM CARD! At 5’10, Cone is super athletic and advanced in his overall skill set. He has the complete package. In addition, he has the motor and basketball skills to take him to the next level. He doesn’t take plays off and has his hand in every single play. He the type of player that makes things happen on both ends of the court. Cone has unlimited potential and can be as good as he wishes to be. Like Harmon, he has all the physical tools and ingredients to be a high major player. In addition, his attitude on and off the court is equally impressive.


No. 161 6’0 ’21 Justin Bell of Clayton, NC

Justin Bell’s camp coach summed it up best. Coach Lindell stated, “Justin Bell is one of he most coachable players at this camp and plays the game unselfishly which makes him a joy to coach and play with. He has a tremendous upside with his ceiling being unlimited.” Bell just needs to continue working on his complete game such as ball handling, passing and shooting. He has countless intangibles and a willingness to be the best he can be. He’s self-motivated and plays with a burning passion, which is quite noticeable once he steps onto the court.


No. 200 6’4 ’20 Justus Shelton of Mars Hill, NC

Shelton has the ability to be a dominant basketball player. He has excellent size and an advanced skill set. The combination of his physical frame and tremendous basketball IQ makes him a potential special young player. He is very coachable who plays well with his teammates and his teammates uplifts everyone on his team. Shelton’s abilities will take him very far and once his skills catches up with his body, watch out! More importantly, Shelton is the perfect teammate. He plays within the team structure and is always positive and encouraging of his teammates whether he is in the game or on the bench.

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