No. 12 4’11 ’22 Joshua Rogosich of Wake Forest

Rogosich is a team first player that understands the game. He plays hard on both ends of the court. He moves well without the ball, finding open spaces on the floor. Rosgosich is always looking to do the right things for his team. Despite his size, he plays aggressively and attacks the rim with a no fear attitude. Being so youthful, Rogosich just needs to continue working, as he will get better and stronger as he develops. He’s a coach on the floor and will be one monitor over the years.


No. 36 5’1 ’22 Dylan Little of Marshville, NC

Little is a pass first PG that has good handles and excellent court vision. He plays the game the right/correct way. He is always dribbling with his heads up looking to make the easy and correct pass to get his teammates involved. Little demonstrated an abundant of energy and effort on both ends of the court. More importantly, Little showcased leadership beyond his years by constantly cheering for his teammates. He will benefit from size and strength as he gets older and his body matures. One thing is for certain; he has the right attitude for success!


No. 43 5’3 ’21 Shane Blakeny of Rock Hill, SC

The first thing we noticed about Blakeny was his competitive spirit and all out energy exhibited throughout the day. Blakeney plays hard, especially on the defensive end of the court. He rebounds his position well as anyone for his age/grade. We were impressed with his understanding of the game and how he made defensive adjustments during transition. He has excellent quickness and changes speeds extremely well. The next step in his development is look up for the “pitch ahead” pass.


No. 84 5’4 ’20 Chris Tinnen of Chapel Hill, NC

Tinnen is the true definitely of a team player. He plays the right way all the time and more importantly has a “never quit” attitude. His attitude and approach to the game is contagious and leads by example. His leadership during the game was tremendous and is a natural leader. He rebounds well for his position. The next step in his development is to improve his ball handling and shooting mechanics. With continued work, the rest will come.


No. 118 5’7 ’21 Justin Taylor of Charlotte, NC

Taylor has tremendous fundamentals and can really shoot the basketball. He has good mechanics and shoots with confidence and poise. He has the proper understanding of the game and is IQ is off the charts for this age/grade. We were impressed with his ability to get others involved, but he can also create and score himself. Taylor can score from all levels on the court and can finish effectively in traffic. He has all the ingredients to be an outstanding player.


No. 138 5’8 ’21 Harper Strickland of Raleigh, NC

Strickland plays with great energy and passion. He understands court spaces and angles. He has a great attitude and is very coachable young player. He moves well without the basketball and gets to the right spots for scoring opportunities. We were more impressed with his ability to rebound on the defensive end of the court. Strickland plays with purpose and his aggressive nature on the court enables him to be one of the better rebounders for his size. He has remarkable anticipation and a nose for the ball.


No. 153 5’10 ’21 Adonis Davis of Barnwell, SC

Davis had a great attitude that rubbed off on his teammates. He demonstrated a positive attitude and energy that was absolutely fun to watch. Davis gives unprecedented effort on both ends of the court. He is a very good rebounder for his size/position and hits the boards hard. We really like his passer friendly hands and nifty footwork in the post area. Davis is a glue player that will do all the little things that don’t often show up in the score sheet.


No. 171 5’11 ’20 Joey McMullin of Roughemont, NC

McMullin has the ability to catch and finish on the block in a variety of ways. He has such advanced footwork in the post and can score from multiple post moves. More importantly, he can finish in traffic with either hand. McMullin is a solid rebounder and has an excellent outlet pass. One the outlet pass is made, he runs he floor extremely well. As he grows and develops, McMullin will need to expand his perimeter game to make him a more all around player.


No. 186 6’1 ’20 Christian Moore of Raleigh, NC

Moore made an instant impressive with is attitude and blue-collar work ethic on the court. He’s a tireless worker and gives his best on both ends of the court. Moore is a passer friendly player and always puts the team first. That being said, he is ultra competitive and wants to win. Moore plays really good low post defense and is an outstanding rebounder. He moves well without the ball and understands how to get open. The next step in his development is to continue working on his ball handling and perimeter skills.


No. 199 6’4 ’20 Trey Pittman of Wilson, NC

Pittman plays so hard. His effort/energy is outstanding and rarely takes a play/possession off. We were impressed with Pittman’s ability to shoot with range, especially for his size. He is a very tough matchup for opposing teams. He can score from the interior or step out and knock down perimeter shots. He has passer friendly hands and is a willing passer out of the post. He has outstanding footwork on the interior. Pittman has a really high ceiling provided he continues to work and improve. The sky’s the limit!

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