No. 11 4’9 ’22 DeMay Oats of Jamestown, NC

Oats was one of the younger campers in attendance, but that didn’t stop him from making a strong impact. He demonstrated a great attitude and exerted maximum effort. Oats has tight handles and attacks the basketball without fear. He has good form and mechanics on his jump shot. As he gets older and gains maturity, he will improve upon his decision-making abilities on the court. Overall, a solid camp for Oats and has the ability to become a really good player over time. Oats was also a strong defender and showcased good lateral quickness.


No. 29 5’1 ’21 Lucion Green of Durham, NC

Green showcased “slick” ball handling skills and makes strong moves to the basket. He demonstrated an excellent attitude and showcased a solid basketball IQ. He has good shooting mechanics and good touch from the perimeter. The next step for Green is to become more patience on the offensive side of the ball, which will come with time and maturity. Green plays with energy and competes at a high level and rarely takes plays off which is important for someone that young.


No. 47 5’3 ’21 Gary Locklear of Pembroke, NC

Locklear is a coachable young player. He has good fundamentals, a great attitude and a willingness to listen to improve and get better. Locklear plays with a team first approach to the game and understands playing in a team system/structure. We really like his ability to make the right decisions and was one of the more efficient decision makers throughout the day. The next step for Locklear is to work on his lateral quickness and gain more strength, which will happen over time.


No. 70 6’4 ’20 Silas Mason of Greensboro, NC

Mason was one of the more dominant players at camp. He has excellent size, athleticism, and an advanced skill set. He has the entire ingredient to be a special player at the high school level and beyond if he continues to work and develop. As he gets older, he will need to expand his perimeter game and enhance his outside shooting touch, which will only expand his game and potential. Currently, he is somewhat strong hand dominant and could work on going to be weak/off hand.


No. 94 5’5 ’22 Joe McDonough of Charlotte, NC

The first thing that stands out about McDonough is his toughness and grit. He is fearless on the court and plays with a high motor and full throttle approach to the game. It’s fun to watch a young player exhibit so much energy and passion especially with someone being so young. He has good ball handling skills and good vision and had the ability to knock down midrange jumpers. The next step in his development is to enhance his lateral quickness.


No. 114 5’7 ’21 Scott Martin of Raleigh, NC

Martin is a solid all around player with advanced skill sets. He plays with a team first approach and always plays “within himself.” He really liked his high basketball IQ, but more than anything demonstrated a great attitude. Martin is a coachable young player and excels in a team structure. Unlike many campers, Martin doesn’t try to manufacture or create his own scoring opportunities, but allows the game come to him. He’s a willing passer and overall great teammate.


No. 121 5’8 ’20 Bradley Williams of Raleigh, NC

Williams showcased an outstanding attitude accompanied with a winning attitude. He rebounds well for his position and exhibited a good all around skill set. One of his strongest attributes is his competitive nature and ability to play hard. Effort/energy is Williams’ calling card. The next step in his development is to enhance his shooting mechanics, which will expand his game.


No. 150 5’9 ’20 Justin Wright of Greenville, NC

Wright has excellent ball handling skills and is best when he is attacking the rim. He plays with an aggressive approach to the game and his game flourishes in the open court. He runs the floor extremely well and is always putting pressure on the defensive side of the ball. The next step in his development is to improve his decision making which will come with age and experience.


No. 56/185 6’1 ’20 Carson McCorkle of Raleigh, NC

McCorkle was clearly one of the top players in attendance. He has such an advanced skill set that is simply beyond his years. To put it bluntly, McCorkle is a special young player that can do so many things well. He can handle, pass and shoot as well as any prospect for his age/grade that has come down the pike. Yes, he is that good and talented. He’s the real deal and is one of the more polished prospects in the state for his age/grade. IF he continues to work on his game and get physically stronger, the sky is the limit for this talented young prospect.

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