No. 8 4’9 ’23 Cole Evans of Ayden, NC

Evans has advanced fundamentals and basketball IQ for his age/grade. While he was one of the younger players in attendance, he fit right in with his skill set and knowledge of the game. Evans displayed tremendous effort and energy throughout the day. As he gets older, he will get stronger and increase his range with his jump shot. We were impressed with his attitude and hustle. He has the willingness to learn and get better.


No. 30 5’1 ’21 Tyriq Hicks of Garner, NC

Hicks has excellent speed and quickness. His athletic ability is his main calling card at the current time. He has the potential to a really good player once his skill set matches his athleticism. Hicks demonstrated an excellent attitude and played hard throughout the day. He plays with a high motor and brings excitement to the court. Currently, Hicks plays with good instincts and savvy and his decision-makings will only get better with age and maturity.


No. 48 5’3 ’21 Cameron Ray of Charlotte, NC

Ray demonstrated an outstanding attitude and gave maximum effort. He plays with intensity and with a full throttle approach to the game. His high energy on the court is contagious and fun to watch. Rarely do you find someone so youthful that exerts the effort/energy in such a positive way. As he continues to grow and develop, Ray will improve his decision-making. He’s definitely one to watch over the course of his middle school and high school career.


No. 90 5’5 ’22 Brandon Nelson of Charlotte, NC

Nelson already has a solid skill set and plays at an advanced level. His attitude toward others is excellent, but at times has a tendency to be hard on himself. Nelson plays with a purpose and with age and maturity will not allow his mistakes to bother him. He takes things personal, which is commitment to excellence. We were impressed with his effort on the court and how hard he played every possession.


No 117 5’7 ’21 Tyler Rice of Columbia, SC

Rice has the ability to be a really outstanding guard at the middle school and high school level. He has the proper skill set, basketball IQ and understanding of the game. Rice also showed flashes of excellent, but will need to be more aggressive on a consistent basis. The ingredients are there to take his game to another level and demonstrated the attitude that is needed to be successful.


No. 140 5’8 ’20 Brandon Thomas of Oak Ridge, NC

Thomas is a fundamentally sound and solid player for his age/grade. He has good size and showed a lot of potential. We were impressed with his effort and energy especially on the defensive end of the court. Usually, that is most often seen on the offensive side of the court, but with Thomas his defense was quite noticeable. We particularly like his competitive nature and was relentless attacking the rim. The next step in his development is to be more efficient with his perimeter shooting. This alone will advance his game to another level.


No. 147 5’9 ’20 Isaac Spainhour of King, NC

There are many accolades to describe the game and skill set of Spainhour. He is such a hard working player on the court. He demonstrated an excellent attitude, basketball IQ and advanced understanding of the game. More than anything, Spainhour has a knack of being in the right place at the right time. He simply has natural basketball instincts and is a low risk, high return player. More than anything, Spainhour is a competitor and winner on the court.


No. 170 5’11 ’20 Eric Lu of Chapel Hill, NC

Eric Lu showcased a lot of upside and potential. Already possessing good size and advanced skill set for his age/grade, Lu gave maximum effort on both ends of the court (especially on defense). He was one of the better rebounders at camp and had great anticipation for loose balls. One area of improvement is to work on his off/weak hand and not be as strong hand dominant.


No. 184 6’1 ’20 Lucas Jenkins of Bakerville, NC

Jenkins is a true “do it all” player. He has excellent size and an advanced skill set. Jenkins demonstrated a great attitude and competitive spirit that was extremely fun to watch. For Jenkins, he has a solid foundation and good become one of the better players in the state for his age/grade if he continues to work and improve. We liked his ability to handle the ball, see the court and rebound. The next step in his development is to be more efficient shooter from the perimeter.


No. 197 6’4 ’20 Christian Bailey of Statesville, NC

Bailey has advanced athleticism for his age/grade and is oozing with upside and potential. Already in conversation as one of the better players in the state for his grade, Bailey can be as good as he wishes to be. He has a modest skill set and his improvement over the next 4-5 years will help determine if he can take his game to the collegiate level. He’s an outstanding young player that demonstrated great energy and effort. Bailey work ethic in the off season fine tuning his perimeter skill set will pay huge dividends in his long term development

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