NC Junior Phenom Exposure Camp
Team 5 Team Recaps


#15 4’10” 2023 Malcolm Edwards of Wallburg, NC
Edwards gave great effort and displayed a good basketball IQ throughout camp. He is very smart and athletic, carrying great quickness. Edwards rebounded his position well, showing toughness for a player his size. He showed the ability to handle the ball, in the half court under pressure, with both hands. A confident floor leader.

#94 5’6” 2022 Dylon Jones of Marion, NC
Jones came into camp with a great attitude. He made the game look easy, worked hard on every play. Jones was a joy to coach, a 5’6” combo guard who has good ball handling skills, good passing skills and quick feet on defense. We loved him in transition, he gets back on defense and pushing the ball down the floor on the fast break. He plays hard on both ends of the floor.

#128 5’8” 2022 Dallas Wheeler of Danville, VA
Wheeler proved to be a great teammate with a high basketball IQ and a super attitude. He has range out to 20 feet on his jump shot. He has good shooting mechanics and is solid shooting off the dribble and/or off the catch. Wheeler is a team player who makes everyone on his team better. He finished well at the rim as well.

#137 5’9” 2022 Antonio Perkins of Mt Holly, NC
Perkins has a strong body with good quickness. At 5’7” he has the foot speed and quickness to go along with the ability to succeed at the next level. Perkins gave great effort throughout the camp, as he brings it on both ends, each and every play of the game. Perkins was at his best on the ball, with handle and ability to score.

#155 5’11” 2022 Justin Alquiza of Cornelius, NC
Alquiza is a good player with a solid basketball IQ. He gives good effort on defense and he runs the floor with a purpose. Alquiza rebounds very well for his position as he is a hard worker, which he showed all day. He has the ability to finish in transition as he gets out and runs the floor well.

#156 5’11” 2022 Bryce Cash of Charlotte, NC
Cash gave great effort and showed a high basketball IQ on both ends of the floor. He was able to get into the paint with tight ball handling and showed to be a craft finisher at the rim. Cash is both quick and athletic and a very good passer. He gave excellent effort and really took well to being coached (both in asking question and implementing answers).

#184 6’4” 2022 Jeremy Gregory of Charlotte, NC
Gregory came into camp with a great attitude and took well to being coached. He showcased solid shooting mechanics with range out beyond the arc. He also had a good pace with his back to the basket with footwork and great hands. Gregory is athletic and showcased a soft touch at the basket where he is able to play through contact. Gregory hits the offensive glass hard and moves well without the ball.


#185 6’5” 2022 Tory Lorick of Columbia, SC
Lorick finished very well at the rim, showcasing a soft touch to go with a couple of go-to back to the basket moves. Lorick has soft hands on the block to go with the ability to finish strong, through contact. He is a strong rebounder with solid footwork. Lorick also displayed range on is jumper out to 20 feet with his feet set.

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