NBPA Top 100 Live Updates (Tuesday): 12PM Slot

Final: New York Knicks – Denver Nuggets 130

Best Players I Saw:

2025 6’1 Nyk Lewis

Overall, I really liked what I saw from Lewis throughout the game. He was assertive, attacked, and played with something to show all throughout. He had a strong motor and played with energy, attacking strong off the dribble, embracing contact, and finishing strong around the basket.  On several occasions, he was able to be a playmaker but also mixed it up well inside and out.  He also was able to find success in attacking and getting inside the defense, he set up his teammates well. On top of that, I loved his energy and competitive nature on the defensive end, playing scrappy and hard to create opportunities on that side of the ball.

Game Stats: 23 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists

2025 6’4 Derek Dixon

Dixon really impressed me with his overall feel, being a valuable asset all over the court for his team. The 6’4 guard played under control, with a great pace, let plays develop, and really showcased his unselfishness and ability to find teammates.  When the ball in his hands, he was able to make plays, reading what the defense gave him and playing with pace in allowing the play to develop and attacking or knocking down shots. But he didn’t force much with his shots, driving and kicking on several occasions for open shots.  Off the ball, he was just as effective, finding open spots and knocking down shots with range. Really good showing in this game.

Game Stats: 22 points, 7 rebounds, 12 assists, 3 steals

Other Player Notes:

2025 7’0 Eric Reibe

Reibe is a gifted big man that has a polished game and a natural feel at his position. He moves really well up and down the court, he has good hands in being active on the glass, and I was impressed with his ability to operate in the post with his back to the basket. He presents a tough matchup at his size and fluidity, being able to finish strong around the basket as well as showing some touch on his shot-making ability. Stats: 26 points, 7 rebounds

2025 6’6 Tounde Yessoufou

This is a young man who continues to impress me with his overall production on the court. Yessoufou is such a strong, assertive prospect that excels best when he is attacking downhill, using his physical frame to go through defenders, and be aggressive in finishing.  Time after time he was able to finish out in transition, attack off the dribble and get inside, and create his own scoring opportunities as well as using that same frame to be effective on the boards. Stats: 23 points, 11 rebounds

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