We love when a kid comes out of nowhere, and turns into a known commodity, in one event. A break out so to speak. Now everyone that was at Session 1 of the Fall 2015 NC Phenom 150, or that read our publication, know who William Onyeobi is.

Phenom Hoops Analyst Patrick Obrien wrote “A player that everyone should know is William Onyeobi, a 2019 prospect. WOW, this kid can play!” During the Phenom 150 camp, playing against guys 3 and 4 years older than him, he averaged 21.3 points per game. He did so in a manly type fashion, with brutish rebounds and strong putbacks at the rim.

Phenom Hoops Analyst Jamie Shaw wrote, “William Onyeobi, get here now…Has a lot of Peter Agba (Akron) in his game. He is a junk yard dog with huge motor and length.” If you remember Peter Agba, his game may not have been the prettiest but he was the most productive player on every floor he walked on. He used heart, length, and IQ to average a double double for Greensboro Day last year, a team that finished in the Top 10 nationally.

Onyeobi is a similar type of player to Agba. He is undersized (currently), but has a very specific skill set that produces game in and game out, against all comers. Onyeobi is very long, he has a motor that continues to run hot. He has touch out to 18 feet, and has very strong hands that all him to not only secure passes, but finish through contact. Oh, and contact, that is his thing. He will grind out an opposing player through the entire game, on both ends.

Onyeobi is one to watch, not only moving forward, but right now. He will produce, it may not be pretty, but he will be the anchor of teams that win more games than they lose.

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