Jimmel Davis



High School:
Warhill High School (Williamsburg VA)

High School Statistics:
10 Points and 5.5 Boards Per Game

High School Coach Evaluation:
Jimmel Davis first and foremost is a great kid with a tremendous basketball up side. He has played varsity basketball his freshman and sophomore years and has garnered more playing time and confidence along the way. He is a long/lanky player that is confident in the post and facing up on the perimeter. His strength, athletic ability, and basketball IQ have all increased tremendously over the past 2 yrs. He has a nice touch on his jump shot and is active in the post which makes him tough to guard for guards and bigs alike. Jimmel’s length also makes him an active rebounder and defender. With many seniors graduating and some transfers leaving the Warhill program, Jimmel will no longer have to play cleanup and will be asked to play a major role for the Lions on the court this season.

Coach Frank says:
Jimmel is a long and very athletic wing forced to play in the paint because of his size and effectiveness around the basket on a guard heavy team. At 6’4 with a long wing span and a body that looks to have more inches of growth, Davis has good quickness and excellent footwork. In the post he is an active rebounder on both ends as he plays hard, is mobile, quick off his feet and an excellent repeat jumper. He has that “stick-to-it-tiveness” and outworks people! Jimmel is a very good finisher around the basket with a nice touch and is able to absorb contact. His future is definitely on the wing where he has very good ball handling skills and ability to slice to the basket. He can shoot the jumper to three point range with good consistency and has an excellent mid range jumper. With more touches coming his way and given his overall playmaking ability, look for Jimmel to be a double/double caliber player. His quick feet and sound defensive technique allows him to capably defend the perimeter as well as the paint. With a lot of new faces at Warhill this season look for more responsibility to fall on the broad shoulders Jimmel Davis, shoulders certainly capable of carrying a developing team.

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