The state of South Carolina may not offer a more pure, a more natural scorer than 6’3” Junior Jordan Davis of Dutch Fork High School.

Sure there are other players who are ranked higher. Sure there are other players who are being recruited higher. However, all you will need to do is watch one game of his, and know that this kid has a special something to him.

Dutch Fork Head Coach Matt Brown says, “You would never know the kid is as good as he is. He is the best kid, the best student, has a great family. His entire situation is so low maintenance. The kid just wants to learn and compete.”

His low-key demeanor may play into the reason why many have yet to hear of him. It also may have to do with the severe lack of exposure basketball in the state of South Carolina. Last season there were only two sponsored AAU teams, Upward Stars (Adidas) and Carolina Wolves (Under Armour). For whatever reason, Nike doesn’t even have a team. Just like Davis, there were so many kids that were left playing in non-shoe circuit programs.

That is fine, these programs ALL do a great job of getting kids to the right events and trying to conjure up some juice around the kid. Davis is a great example. After playing with his South Carolina Kings program in the Phenom Summer Havoc Davis left July’s final event with offers from Cincinnati, East Carolina, and VCU. Since then he is also been offered by South Alabama.

After seeing Davis in the AAU, Camp, and High School settings it is safe to say these offers are appropriate, if not undervalued. Phenom Hoops National Analyst Jamie Shaw wrote, “There may not be a better natural scorer in South Carolina than Dutch Fork’s Jordan Davis. He is averaging 28.5 points on the year, and scores (effortlessly) at each level.”

Davis has good size with solid length and athleticism. He carries confidence and touch well beyond the arc. On the ball he is a scorer first, but is also very unselfish. He plays with great pace and vision as he scores at each level with an array of floaters, paint touches, and long range bombs. Off the ball, he has a good motor and high IQ, he catches controlled and squared and never seems rushed to make a play.

Schools from the Big East are just now getting around to recruiting Davis, most recently with Providence jumping into the mix. This level feels right for him to succeed, in college.

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